10 Animal Print Leggings That Everyone Should Have


From the jungle to the mungle – these days, wildlings roam around in flocks, and the fashion world can’t help but follow. So, no matter if you want to fit in or stand out, a pair of sleek sexy animal print leggings are always a fine garment to have in your wardrobe.

Today, we are listing ten of our favorite animal prints – wild, untamed, trendy, and mind-blowing. Rawr!

#1 Octopus Leggings

Octopus prints are probably not the first thing that comes to mind when addressing animal prints, are they? And still, think about them. The utter enigma of the ocean floor abyss, the might of the Kraken, the power of a glorious outfit. A design brain-teasing and obscure – a bit off the beat, and a lot on point. Number one on our list. 

#2 Giraffe Leggings 

Now, let us head back to the jungle. You can easily rise above it all with a pair of giraffe-printed leggings. They carry the vibe of the Savannah and the heat of the burning sun above the Nile – because wilderness suits everyone, and you can choose to bring it everywhere you go.  

#3 Leopard Leggings

You saw that coming, didn’t you? Leopard prints seem to have found their place in way too many all-time-must-have lists, and we are not about to break the pattern here. You can have them in classic golden brown or alter reality with green, purple, yellow, or any other color of leopard pattern, as long as it suits your taste. 

#4 Snakeskin Leggings

Reptiles and serpents of all worlds – unite! Snakeskin prints got game, and so will you – during a festival event, a rave gathering, a gym workout session, or whatever else you are up to. These just seem to fit equally well wherever they appear. No need to shed your skin when you have the best one around town, right? 

#5 JellyFish Leggings

Back to the underwater world! Jellyfish prints are rather popular and extensively fancied for one reason or another. Airy and ethereal, they illuminate graceful harmony and obscure magnificence – something you might happen to need pretty badly some of these days. 

#6 Butterfly Leggings

Nymphs, cocoons, and butterflies – a garment that reminds you to let yourself grow is always a good garment. When choosing the butterfly leggings details, you can find multiple variations – from bright and lively to dark and goth. Because this is how butterflies are – able to harmonize with any concept you can imagine. 

#7 Cat Leggings

Soft kitties, warm kitties… Evil kitties, space kitties, Egyptian kitties, kitty kitties! The least you can do to confer your respect to the masters of the Universe is owning a pair of leggings with their royal presence on. The rest of your duties will soon follow. 

#8 Dog Leggings

From a servant to a master, and from a master to a friend – the kitty kitties vs. doggy doggies battle is ever-going. So, wearing an all-over printed pair of dog leggings is probably among the most distinct ways to show that you know how to pick sides. At least according to some. 

#9 Monster Leggings

Of course it is happening inside your head… But why on Earth should that mean that it is not real?” – Dumbledore once asked, and we’ve been asking that same question ever since. So, yes. The animals in your head shall find their way out straight on the pattern of your favorite leggings, and you shall wear them proudly. 

#10 Brain Leggings

Here is a gentle reminder – brains are not exclusively a human attribute. So, why not interpret your brain leggings as the masterminds of nature, and show off your love to Darwin right away? Brain leggings can get as smart as you’re capable of making them.

Want to See Some More?

Animal-patterned or not, printed leggings are a world of their own, and you can explore them endlessly. So, in case you are already intrigued enough, you can keep on digging deeper by scrolling through some marvelous and rather sexy print leggings at DevilWalking shop. 

Because the wilderness is something you bring along every step of your way. And it can also be something you wear along it!