10 Best Family Friendly Activities in Singapore


Singapore is one of the most popular travel destination in the world with endless number of wonderful things to do and see for every kind of traveler. If you planning a family vacation, Singapore has to be one of the finest travel destination on earth. Here are some of the best family friendly activities in Singapore.

  1. Drop by the Gardens by the Bay

Whoever says that you cannot innovate something as banal as gardens clearly has not seen Gardens by the Bay. Built on reclaimed land, the Gardens by the Bay has become an recognizable sight in Singapore due to the futuristic look of the structures that the flowers are planted on. This is also where the entire family can marvel at the world’s tallest indoor waterfalls so make sure this will be a stop for your tour.

  1. Get a wild evening at the Night Safari

The Night Safari is the world’s first evening Wildlife Park built for those who would rather see wild animals in the dark. This 40-hectare facility is home to 1,000 animals that represent 100 animal species like wolves, hyenas and raccoons. Visitors can even watch these animals catch their prey.

  1. Explore Universal Studios Singapore

The Universal Studios Singapore, located inside the massive Resorts World Sentosa, is designed for everyone in the family to enjoy. There are a total of 21 rides in this sprawling theme park, with a lot more attractions from popular intellectual properties like Battlestar Galactica, Sesame Street and Transformers.  

  1. Relax at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

One of the reasons why Singapore is such a popular tourist destination is the fact that the government is committed to ensuring that there are still areas dedicated solely for gardens. The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a remarkable product of this. It houses as much as 60,000 species of plants and animals and is a hit among visitors because of the beautiful orchids found there.

  1. Experience authentic Chinese culture at Chinatown

Singapore’s racially diverse population is made up mainly of three ethnicities: Chinese, Malay and Indian. If you are in the mood to eat authentic Chinese food or try out traditional Chinese medicine, Chinatown is the place to be in. Chinatown also has a few high-end restaurants that you can dine in if you want to go the classy route. One of the unique features of this Chinatown is the fact that it is where you will be able to see Chinese temples located next to Muslim mosques and Hindu temples.

  1. Take a dip at Changi Beach

Yes, there are beaches in Singapore! Those who want to get away from the urban jungle that is downtown Singapore can head east to Changi Beach, known as the oldest of the coastal parks in the city-state. This 3.3-kilometer long strip is a go-to place for families who want to experience overnight picnics while fishing.

  1. Visit the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a popular destination not just for Buddhists but also to those from other faiths. It is a classic example of Buddhist architecture that stands out even as towering skyscrapers and buildings surround it.

What makes this temple a tourist spot in particular is the fact that it serves as the home to a tooth relic from Siddhartha Gautama or Buddha himself.

  1. Shop along Orchard Road

In the mood for shopping? Orchard Road may be the closest thing to heaven for you and your family. Filled to the brim with boutique shops, malls and department stores, you may just be able to find the next items in your wardrobe here.

Orchard Road is especially popular during the December holiday season as Christmas decorations are put up in almost every tree that lines up this iconic street.

  1. Check in at Raffles Hotel

The Raffles Hotel is historic in more ways than one. Built in the 19th century, this hotel stood as two World Wars and the Singaporean fight for independence went by. Now, its Victorian-era architecture stands as an example for Singaporeans’ resilience amidst the massive changes the world is experiencing.

Your family will definitely enjoy staying at Raffles Hotel due to the luxury accommodation that is a core offering of this iconic establishment.

  1. Make a stop at the MOSH!

Knowledge and fun go together well at MOSH! It is an interactive digital edutainment park where kids will be able to see marine creatures, start fireworks and launch a jet in one virtual space. Who knew educating your kids can be this high tech?


Singapore has to be one of the amazing family friendly travel destinations you will even enjoy a family vacation. If you want to even live in Singapore or stay for an extended period of time, you can earn your living by just teaching English in Singapore. Teaching is one of the favorite jobs for English speaking expats living in Singapore.