10 Best Reasons You Should Visit Dubai


Dubai is one of the most visited travel destinations in Asia. If Dubai is not yet in your bucket, you should read this article word by word and make your decision. Here are 10 best reasons to visit Dubai.

  1. It’s Spectacular Skyline

Dubai arguably has the best skyline in the Middle East. With a total of 911 high-rise buildings in the metropolis, the City of Gold is home to a few world-class skyscrapers.

A prime example of Dubai’s penchant for skyscrapers is the majestic presence of the Burj Khalifa. Since its completion in 2010, this 828-meter tall imposing figure holds the record for being the tallest building in the world. It is also in our list of most magnificent buildings in the world. Fans of the “Mission: Impossible” movies may find this building familiar as it was the skyscraper the infamous death-defying stunt in the fourth movie was filmed in.

The Marina 101 is another impressive structure in the Dubai skyline. This building is hailed as the world’s second tallest residential building. A few kilometers down the coast, in the famed Palm Jumeirah, is the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, famous for its resemblance to a ship sail.

  1. Multi-cultural City

Just like any other global city, Dubai is home to hundreds of different cultures and ethnicities. With 90 percent of the metropolitan population coming from foreigners, you cannot see a more culturally diverse community in the Middle East than this megacity.

The public officials in Dubai also know that Dubai’s strengths lies in its diversity. The city, along with other parts of the United Arab Emirates, has an appointed Minister of Tolerance to promote acceptance of different cultures and religions.

  1. Food Haven

The influx of immigrants and expats to Dubai has caused a sort of explosion in the food scene. While Arabic cuisine is still the dominant food culture, practically every nationality present in Dubai is represented by at least one restaurant.

Only in Dubai will visitors be able to see an American fast food chain located just a few blocks from Japanese, French, British and Vietnamese diners. These establishments can be found in shopping malls and in neighborhoods like Deira and Al Karama.

There are also food-related events, including the Dubai Food Festival, that are organized regularly, which expands even the gastronomic choices even more.

Desert Safari

If there is one touristy thing that Dubai is known for, it is its world-famous desert safari. This will give tourists the opportunity to roam around the desert terrain surrounding the city.

There are various activities that visitors can do during the safari. This includes sandboarding, camel riding and dune bashing. For an unforgettable experience, book the desert safari at night as you will be able to witness belly dancing while dining on barbecue.  

  1. It’s A Shopper’s Paradise

Forget New York or London. Dubai is now the newest shopping destination everyone is talking about. One advantage Dubai presents is the availability of options no matter what your economic status is. Want high-end stores? Dubai has them! Going the budget-friendly route? Say no more!

Dubai is also home to the biggest shopping mall in the planet. Called Dubai Mall, it plays host to a total of 1,200 shops, along with a zoo and a hotel complex.

The Dubai Shopping Festival, a month-long shopping bonanza at the start of every year is also organized in the city, attracting thousands of shoppers from all corners of the Earth.

  1. Dhow Cruise Experience

Dubai’s seascape is dotted with various kinds of marine vessels and ships. Dhow cruise Dubai marina is a wonderful dinner experience in luxury dhow ships. The ships are stunningly decorated and guested are entertained with traditional Middle Eastern music. Tourists on board also enjoy delectable food on board and have wonderful views of evening in the Dubai Marina.

  1. The Sun, Sea and Sand

Not every place on Earth was blessed with the triple combination of a consistently sunny weather, gorgeous seas and white sand. Dubai has all that at the same time. The sun shines at least 300 days a year in Dubai so you have a lot of time to plan ahead a vacation in a spot in its 1,00o-kilometer long coastline.

  1. Traditional Gold Souk

If you are interested in buying jewelry and precious gems, you can never go wrong by going to the Dubai Gold Souk. This traditional market, which boasts a total of 300 retailers, is a popular alternative to jewelry stores.

While it is famous for its gold, interested buyers can also purchase silver jewelry and gemstones. There is a wide variety of personal ornaments in this trade area from bangles to wedding rings to chandeliers.

One of the greatest things about the Gold Souk is the fact that there is no security guard assigned in the area because of the city’s low crime rate.

  1. Unlimited Adventures

Dubai also features an assortment of adventures for the daredevils. These activities are things that would most likely be part of your own bucket list.

For one, you can go skydiving and feel amazed at the view of the Palm Jumeirah as you are hurtling down to the ground. But, if you want something less frenzied, you can opt to ride a hot air balloon and get a spectacular view of the sunrise.

If you just want to be ironic and experience snow in the middle of the desert, going to Ski Dubai would be the best way to do it. Located in the Mall of the Emirates, tourists can go snowboarding or skiing in this space.

  1. Unmatched Luxury

They don’t call Dubai the City of Gold for nothing.

The Palm Jumeirah, also called the Palm Island, is one of the most luxurious real estate markets in the world. Built as an artificial island between 2001 and 2006, there are multiple luxury hotels in this palm-shaped group of islets including the famous Atlantis The Palm. Interested real estate buyers may also purchase the extremely expensive mansions in these islets.

Dubai is probably also the only city where you will enjoy being in traffic gridlock due to the insane number of luxury cars on the road. You can even find Bugati taxis and Lamborghini Lyfts once in a while!

If UAE is your next vacation destination, make sure you at least do not miss these three things to do in UAE.