10 Bold Wallpaper Tips from the Experts


No matter what room of the house you’re decorating, these bold wallpaper tips will help you make an impact. Here are 10 bold wallpaper design tips from top interior designers.

1: Stay Focused

Limit the number of finishes in your space. Don’t try and mix and match too many ideas and textures.Limiting colours to one or two neutral tones will help put the focus on your wall coverings.

2: Calm Down

Creating a sense of calm is always a great idea for a room’s décor. To achieve this, choose soft colours and subtle wallpaper designs that don’t overwhelm the space.

3: Make a Statement

Don’t just rely on a bold wallpaper to make a statement alone. Take your décor to the next level by adding statement pieces to complement your wall art.

4: Echo Your Space

Choose wallpaper that echoes the themes of your space. If you have large export porcelain pieces for example, go with an elegant hand-screened wallpaper. If your space features horizontal lines, choose wallpaper with vertical lines to create balance.

5: Bring the Outside In

If your room features a lot of windows, choose wallpaper that completes an outdoor theme. If your exterior features a pool and exotic landscaping for example, go for wall art that depicts landscapes or tropical motifs.

6: Be Boldwith a Powder Room

Most people might overlook this room in their home, but it’s worth noting that your powder bathroom will be one of the most visited rooms by guests. They will take in every detail of the décor. As such, take this opportunity to make a bold statement with your powder room.

7: Restore Where Possible

Some wallpapers, especially in older or antique homes, are precious and warrant being restored. If your home has wallpaper like this in it, find out the best way to preserve it and build your décor around it.

8: Think About Texture

Some wallpapers have unique textures that will add a touch of elegance and warmth to a room. Wallpaper made with hand blocked techniques will create such an effect. Having ink lay slightly on top of the paper adds a much-desired charm and sophistication.

9: Reach for the Sky

Open up the room by choosing the right wallpaper for the ceiling. Light, airy colours for ceiling wall art work perfectly to create the illusion of a limitless sky.

10: Go Custom

If possible, try a custom-made wallpaper for your décor. Customized wall art will allow you to create the exact ambiance you’re going for. It can be created to perfectly match existing furniture and complement the design of your space.

These wallpaper design tips will go a long way to help you plan the perfect room. Remember, these tips are flexible – try out combinations and experiment as you see fit. Wallpaper is the hot new home décor trend, and it’s here to stay.

If you still aren’t sure what direction you should go with when it comes to wallpaper, don’t hesitate to consult muraledesign.com