10 Checklist Items to Consider in Your Wedding


A typical wedding is quite predictable with all the generic preparations. Besides following the wedding day tips related to the wedding dress, the rings, and the theme of the event, there are other things to keep a track of as well.

However, there is a new trend when it comes to weddings which refers to adding personal touches to creating a unique event. To make your big day memorable, don’t forget to check out the following unusual yet worthwhile checklist items.

1.   Collect All Memories

If you have spent several months in setting up your big day, you can recall all those special efforts associated with your wedding.

Did you make your own photo booth? Were there hand-crafted decorations? If you’re doing all the hard work on your own, it should be remembered too. While you’re making arrangements for your wedding day, you can ask a friend to capture each of these memories.

2.   Collect As Many Pictures As You Can

Photography is one of the best things about weddings. While you can hire a professional photographer such as Vittore Buzzi photographer to capture the best moments of your wedding day, you cannot ignore the tons of pictures that the guests are making too.

You need them all! So, make sure you assign this responsibility to someone to collect and download all the pictures before the party ends.

3.  Recharge Your Soul

Did you plan for some ‘me’ time on your big day? Instead of worrying about something throughout the event, make sure you plan a few minutes where you can sit calmly and be in your own thoughts. How about watching yourself in the mirror and saying, “Oh…I am a pretty bride!”

This will help you recharge so you can stay active and enjoy your day.

4.   Don’t Hesitate Going Custom

Custom touches are one of the best ways to make your wedding stand out. You can print a logo on the materials used for the wedding.

It could be your name or an image that’s meaningful to you and your partner. You can even put a memorable place or hobby that’s associated with you. There are tons of ideas so feel free to give your wedding a custom flourish.

5.   Surprise Your Guests


While most of the guests will be there for the food, some of them will be there for you! If you have a small guest list of people who are important to you, take this opportunity and surprise them. It doesn’t have to be anything big but just a handwritten note for each of them.

If you have a large guest list, a generic message like ‘Your presence makes it more special’ in your own handwriting can make all the difference.

6.   Select A Song

Choose a meaningful song to walk down the aisle. This isn’t only for you but also for your spouse-to-be. Think of something that you both can connect to – may be from the time you fell in love with each other.

You’ll feel the emotions flowing.

7.   Read Out Your Vows Romantically

A wedding brings a very powerful and sentimental moment in your life. Light it up with a candle. Give your guests a candle as they reach the ceremony and right before it’s time to exchange vows, have your groomsmen pass the flame.

8.   Pick A Special Time For the Ceremony And Let People Know Why

Mention the ceremony time in the invite along with the reason. For instance, the exact time he proposed you will be the exact time when you’ll say your ‘I do’s’!

9.   Play A Memorable Video

This time is special and it’s about sharing your emotions with everyone. Give everyone a glimpse of what brought you two together. Compile pictures and memories of the dating time and play it with a soulful song.

It will also refresh your memories of the special bond you two share on the very special day.

10.   Ask Your Guests To Leave You Something Special

Grab a tablecloth and have your guests sign it and leave you their wishes. This will most probably be the most memorable thing you can keep from your wedding day.