10 Contemporary Bathrooms With Freestanding Bath Mixers


Hey top dreamers! We all dream for contemporary and unique dream house and all of us have some ideas of how each room might look. Some people are more into modern designs, while others like native elements. For today, I have an amazing collection of 10 contemporary bathrooms with freestanding bath mixers that will take your breath away and will leave you speechless for a moment.

The freestanding bath mixers are very desirable and popular in current years and they are considered as a base of the modern day bathroom. Despite their amazing functionality and versatility, they will give an effect of antique style to your bathroom too. If you want a freestanding bath mixer, there are two options that you can consider when renovating your bathroom:

1. Make the bath mixer a special focal point of your bathroom by setting the mixer at odd angles. If you want your bathroom to be unique, you should definitely neglect the rectangular shapes. And that’s because every single other home has. Another interesting way to make your the bath mixer stand out in your bathroom is to place it inside a glass enclosure. What do you think?

2. You can develop a spa with a freestanding bath mixer in the center of your bathroom. This is one spectacular way to turn your bathroom in a perfect gateway for relaxation.

If you are interested for placing a bath mixer in your bathroom you should definitely see the freestanding bath mixers at abl.

Check out these amazing 10 ideas that I have selected for you in the gallery below and inspire yourself! Give your bathroom a contemporary look. Enjoy and have fun!

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