10 Creative DIY Projects With Nail Polish

10 Creative DIY Projects With Nail Polish

The first thing when we think about nail polish is for sure its primary use; to polish our nails. But there are also other ways to use the nail polish besides from decorating your nails. Below you will find 10 Creative DIY Projects With Nail Polish. As you will be able to see, you can use your nail polish to decorate your headphones or your phone case. Also you can make awesome pieces of jewelry by using different nail polishes.

And as Easter is coming soon, you can also try to decorate the Easter eggs with nail polish. Take a look at the pictures below and find out what else you can do with a  nail polish. Enjoy!

DIY Nail Polish Colored Headphones

Photo via: cremedelacraft.com

Nail Polished Necklace Ready In 5 Minutes

Photo via: cremedelacraft.com

DIY Color Block Stud Earrings

Photo via: inhonorofdesign.com

Easter Eggs with Nail Polish

Photo via: goodshomedesign.com

DIY Phone Case With Nail Polish

Photo via: abeautifulmess.com

Paint The Sole Heels with a Neon Nail Polish

Photo via: scraphacker.com

Use Your Nail Polish To Code Your Keys

Photo via: abubblylife.com

Use A Nail Polish And Q-tips To Decorate Your Sunglasses

Photo via: thepapermama.com

Nail Polish Marbled Diy Planter

Photo via: henryhappened.com

Make a Christmas Ornament Using a Nail Polish

Photo via: beautylish.com