10 DIY Glitter Clothes Transformations


Glitter is trendy for a summer season. Glitter clothes are amazing for a night out, but for a day walk too. So, you must have one for a hot sunny days. And today I have a good solution for you – 10 diy glitter clothes transformations you can make it at home.

Your old jeans shorts will be trendy again with glittered back-pockets. You can glitter your favorite application on an old shirt or make your old jeans like new ones with glitter decor. And don’t forget, every pair of shoes, you can transform using glitters. Look below these 10 diy glitter clothes transformations to get an idea and learn how to make them by yourself. Make something new for yourself and welcome summer prepared!! Stay sparkle and enjoy!!

DIY Glitter Denim Vest

Full tutorial on nataliaoh.com

DIY Glitter Purse

Full tutorial on honestlywtf.com

Glitter Zebra Print Jeans

Full tutorial on eyesofacouturier.com

Glitter Your Old Oxfords

Full tutorial on brit.co

DIY Glitter Tights

Full tutorial on moustachic.com

Glitter Bones and Heart Tee

Full tutorial on ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com

DIY Glitter Pair Of Sneakers

Photo via pinterest.com

Glitter Pocket Shorts

Buy them on etsy.com

DIY Glitter Heart Tee

Full tutorial on wobisobi.blogspot.com

DIY Glitter Pumps

Full tutorial on restylerestorerejoice.blogspot.com