10 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas You Can Do Easily


No woman ever said she doesn’t need a new pair of shoes, new clothes and of course a new beauty product. And when all of these come in a great amount, some organization hacks will definitely come in handy. So, today we would like to give you several ideas of how you can store all of your makeup products, like brushes, eye shadows, mascaras, eye liners etc. Below you will be able to see 10 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas that you can do easily and we hope that you will find them pretty useful.

The following DIY projects are so easy to be done and they won’t take much of your precious time. Also they are not expensive at all, so you will definitely save some money for not buying a brand new makeup box or maybe a makeup brush holder. Make a makeup brush roll-up out of some fabric or maybe out of a sushi mat. Or use some jars to personalize them and thus indicate which one is for your face makeup products and which one for the eye makeup products. Another way to organize and store your makeup is to place them on a magnetic board. And of course a makeup box is always a good one, so why not give it try and make one by yourself. Scroll down to see the projects that we have chosen for you today and choose which one you will try. Follow the step-by-step tutorials and for the ones that doesn’t have one, follow the links under the photo to get to the full tutorial. Enjoy!

FUN DIY Makeup Storage Project

Photo via: alldaychic.com

Easy DIY Makeup Brush Roll Up

Photo via: fortworthfabricstudio.blogspot.com

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

Photo via: trusper.com

Interesting DIY Makeup Box

Photo via: ps-imadethis.tumblr.com

DIY Makeup Magnet Board

Full tutorial: shelterness.com

Cute DIY Makeup Brush Storage

Full tutorial: shelterness.com

DIY Beauty Cabinet Storage

Full tutorial: blahblahmagazine.com.au

DIY Tiered Makeup Stand

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DIY No Sew Makeup Brush Roll From A Sushi Mat

Photo via: cremedelacraft.com

DIY Oil Cloth Brush Roll Tutorial

Photo via: liagriffith.com

So, which one will you try? Will that be some kind of a roll-up for your makeup brushes, or maybe some personalized jars? Or how about the magnetic board or the makeup box? No matter which one you choose, you will not be wrong, because you will have your makeup products well organized and stored. And this is always a bonus for you because you can easily find the makeup brush or the eyeliner you need. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find other interesting DIY projects.