10 Dreamy Studio Apartment Floor Plans


If you wish to live big in a small square footage, then a studio apartment is the right choice for you. Studio apartments are one of the most common choices for apartments. Their floor plans need to be organized in the right way in order to get the most of the space available.

Studio apartment floor plans are most often open, without walls but with different room dividers. Or they can also feature feature some walls. It will all depend on the owner’s taste as well as on the space available. Today, especially for you, we have collected several studio apartment floor plans that can inspire you of how to organize the space in your future apartment. Let’s check them out!

10 Dreamy Studio Apartment Floor Plans

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Getting the most of the space available is one of the key factors to consider when decorating a small apartment. So, if there is some empty corner space, don’t leave it like that, but instead fill it with some corner sofa or some corner shelves for additional storage space. You should also make sure to pick the right furniture for your apartment, and some compact furniture pieces will do wonders in a studio apartment. For instance, you can choose a sofa that turns into a bed for the night time, or some coffee table that can be used as a dining one too.

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Colors also play an important role when decorating any space. Lighter shades are more preferable for small spaces, since they can visually make the space look bigger than it is. You can still use dark and vibrant colors in small apartments, but make sure not to exaggerate with them because  you can create a dull look over there. Also, if you have a chance to add bigger windows, don’t hesitate to do it, because the more natural light there is, the bigger the space will appear.

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So, which one from the above studio apartment floor plans did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and make sure to follow the above tips when decorating a small space. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other great interior design ideas for your home decor inspiration.