10 Easy DIY Cuff Jeans Projects


There are many different crafts that you can do with your jeans, and one of them is to add some interesting cuffs. So, because of that, today we have searched around the web and have come up with a collection of 10 Easy DIY Cuff Jeans Projects that you can try to do the next time you feel bored. They are so easy to be done and they won’t take much of your precious time.

Another good thing about these DIY projects is that they won’t cost you much, so why not give it a try and give a new look to your old pair of jeans. We have included various types of cuffs, in order to please everyone’s taste. The most common as well as the easiest way to cuff your jeans is to add some studs. Crystals and other similar embellishments are just some of the ways to DIY some cuffed jeans. Or you can also use some fabric pattern as cuffs for your jeans. For instance, choose an American flag fabric pattern and add it your favorite denim jeans. These cuffed jeans will look good in combo with some Converse sneakers.

DIY Jeans With Crystal Cuffs

Full tutorial: trinketsinbloom.com

DIY Embellished Denim Cuff

Full tutorial: blog.justfab.com

DIY USA Flag Cuffs

Full tutorial: blog.freepeople.com

DIY Embellished Cuffed Jeans

Full tutorial: blog.mjtrim.com

DIY Studded Cuff Jeans

Full tutorial: frugaldiaries.com

So, which one will you try first so far? We bet that many of you will say the studded cuffs. And if these DIY projects didn’t attract your attention, you should keep on reading to see the rest of the DIY Cuff Jeans Projects that we have prepared for you today. Leather is another way to cuff your jeans. Pair them with the same type of leather purse. Another material that you can use to cuff your jeans is lace. Also, fringe cuffs can be a great detail for your favorite pair of jeans. Check these projects below, and choose which one you will try. Follow the links under the photos to get to the full tutorials. Enjoy and stay up to date with us for other inspiring DIY ideas!

Add Leather Cuffs To Your Jeans

Full tutorial: brit.co

DIY Lace Cuffed Jeans

Full tutorial: wobisobi.blogspot.com

DIY Leather + Stud Cuffs

Full tutorial: brit.co

Patterned Fabric Cuffs

Full tutorial: brit.co

DIY Fringe Cuff Jeans

Full tutorial: thezoereport.com