10 Essentials Modern Brides Should Have in Their Wedding Trousseau


When the fifth Duchess of Devonshire, Lady Georgina Spencer got married, she brought with her a trousseau that was so lavish, it had taken almost a year for her family to put it together. It comprised 65 pairs of shoes, 48 pairs of stockings, over 20 sets of gloves, and countless wraps and hats. The bride’s belongings were packed in trunks that she carried to her husband’s house.

Over the years, the bridal trousseau has evolved drastically. No modern bride would want to carry scores of wraps and stockings in it! While new clothes, footwear, and bags make an integral part of the trousseau, we will tell you about a few other essential goodies that brides need immediately after the wedding chaos subsides.

  • Scented Soaps

Once the hullabaloo of the wedding is over, it’ll be time to relax. Post wedding is the time for relaxing baths (and more intimate showers together)! Buy scented soaps that smell divine. If you haven’t tried pebble soaps, now is the time. You are going to love them and they look gorgeous on bathroom shelves. Choose floral smells like rose, jasmine or geranium to fire things up and be the seductress that you are.

We recommend: Bamford’s pebble soap, $45

  • Vanity Kit

We recommend buying two vanity kits, a large one that can accommodate your entire makeup and a small portable kit with zippers that can come handy when you are traveling. The vanity should have everything, from essentials like foundation, primer, and compact to color correctors, lip colors, concealers and makeup fixers. Don’t forget to get yourself a relaxing face freshener and a dry shampoo for days when you are too tired to put in much effort into grooming yourself. It’s your wedding, so it is okay to splurge and stock your vanity with new products to pamper yourself.

We recommend: Dior’s Backstage Beauty Box, $250

  • Fresh Linen

This may sound a bit old-school, but bath and bed linen have been making their way to the bride’s trousseau for ages now. In older times, it was quite common for the entire village to contribute beautifully embroidered linen for decorating the bride’s new room. Though nobody does that now, the modern bride can buy soft towels, fresh bed sheets, and embroidered pillow covers to adorn her new room to her liking.

We recommend: Brooklinen’s  Luxe Hardcore Sheet Bundle, $423

  • Luxury Lingerie

Here comes the most important item for a new bride – the lingerie. Look for three features when buying lingerie for your trousseau – it should be comfortable, beautiful and usable. Keep variety in mind. For bras, have at least one pair of lacy, backless, stick-on, push-up, and multi-way. For panties, stock up on satin panties, high-rise thongs, lacy boy-shorts, and G-strings, apart from the regular cotton wear.

We recommend: Zivame’s Moroccan lace padded bra, $15.64

  • Sleepwear Essentials

Sheer, satin and lace are a few options to choose from when it comes to sleepwear fabric. If you are not a big fan of intricate sleepwear, don’t sweat it. Swap the sultry and sexy sleepwear with something more comfortable. A pair of chic silk pajamas is enough. And who says PJs can’t be sexy? Pair silk pajamas with slip tops, indulge in romantic satins or lacy shorts with cool prints. Pajamas are quirkier and crazier than your sexy chemise.

We recommend: Sleeper’s copper gold silk pajamas, $390

  • Eau de Parfum

Play with an assortment of scents and grab as many as your wallet allows. All the fragrances you are going to have in your trousseau will be worth every buck. From sweet fragrances to sultry aromas, buy one for every mood. We advise ditching the old perfumes that you wore as a Miss and going for new scents to celebrate the transition into a new life.

We recommend: Oscar De La Renta’s Something Blue, $22.94

  • Scented Candles

Some brides pack the same scented candles that were used in their wedding in their trousseau. This is done to revive the scent and the memory of the wedding day. This seems like a great idea. The scent of the candles in the bedroom will make your reminisce about your special day and let good vibes flow in.

We recommend: Trousseau’s white luxury candle, $52

  • Swimsuit


Your trousseau is incomplete without new swimwear that flaunts your curves and makes you feel sexy and confident. Get something classic and totally on-point on the trend-o-meter. Even if you aren’t going on a beach honeymoon, you can count on the resort you choose to have a swimming pool. A swimsuit with a pop of color will bring about a nice summery feel.

We recommend: Zivame’s padded malliot swimsuit, $43.58

  • Bridal Robe

You need a pretty bridal robe in silk or in a beautiful floral print in your trousseau because robes are just so cute. Some brides get their robes customized with “Bride” or their names written in rhinestones. But that’s totally your choice. Be as creative as you want to be with the customization – choose delish colors, funky designs, and beautiful embroidery.

We recommend: BHLDN’s Talulah robe, $129

  • Vintage Luggage Bag

Vintage luggage bags have an old-world charm about them that is unavoidable. For making a chic statement, pack your bridal trousseau in these trunks. The vintage bags will bring back the sophistication of the bygone era. Look for bags with multiple compartments for organizing your footwear, lingerie, jewelry, makeup, and clothes.

We recommend: Trousseau & Co’s The Cream Trousseau, $225

Brides are reviving the bridal trousseau tradition by adding things that are more utilitarian rather than fancy, especially if the latter doesn’t serve their purpose. Buying scores of Ferragamo shoes and Mousseline de Soie nightgowns may sound dreamy and regal, but we advise the modern bride not to go blow up their monies just yet. After all, you want a trousseau that is versatile, classic, practical and trendy and not just colossal. The items listed above will make the perfect trousseau. Stay wise and splurge smartly.