10 Most Exciting And Best Things to Do in Dubai


Known as the city of gold, Dubai is one of the most famous business crossroads in the world. This modern city in UAE boats of endless number of wonderful things to do and see for its travelers and should be on any avid traveler’s bucket list. If you are planning to visit Dubai, here are some of the best things you should not miss while visiting Dubai:

  1. View The Amazing Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is a familiar sight in the Dubai skyline, standing out even in the middle of one of the world’s tallest urban outlines. Named by many publications as the tallest building in the world, it is more than just a novelty tourist spot in this side of the world.

Architecture geeks will be delighted by this engineering marvel. Costing a total of $1.5 billion to complete, the Burj Khalifa is made from reinforced concrete that is mixed with ice when it was poured in to prevent cracks from happening easily.

The observation decks in the Burj Khalifa offer a gorgeous view of Dubai from way above. There are two outdoor decks for this very purpose, located in the 124th and 148th floors.

If you do not want to go up the building, you may also hang out in the Burj Khalifa Park in the base of the structure. The park’s design is based on the desert flower Hymenocalis and serves as a respite from the insane heat of the city.

  1. Swing through the Dubai skyline through a zip line

If you are feeling like a daredevil, there is no better way to do that than experiencing how people in Dubai do the zip line. This new activity is best done on XLine Dubai Marina, which is a kilometer long. Those who do it will start from the top of the JBR’s Amwaj towers and end in the terraces of the Dubai Marina Mall. It swings above the Marina promenade and the Dubai Marina-Atlantis too.

  1. Enjoy Desert Safari Adventures

The Bedouin people, who live mainly in the Arabia and North Africa, are known for having a largely nomadic lifestyle. The popular desert safari in Dubai is a way for you to experience this life for yourself.

From the city, you head a bit deeper into the Emirati desert via 4×4. Once there, you will be able to ride a camel or a land rover in the sand dunes. Once the sun has set, you can enjoy the sight of the stars ala Arabian Nights while feasting on barbecue or shawarma.

  1. Experience Dhow cruise in Dubai Marina

One of the things that Dubai has retained from its culture before the financial boom of the 1980s is the presence of dhows in its side of the Persian Gulf. The dhows are traditional sailing vessels usually seen in the Arabic and Indian regions.

These days, tourists in Dubai have the option of taking on a cruise onboard a dhow as they look at the beautiful Dubai Marina. So, experiencing the Dubai Marina Dhow Cruise is one of the best things to do in Dubai.

  1. Go Shopping At The Dubai Mall

When it comes to shopping, the first cities that come to people’s minds are New York, Paris or London. However, Dubai has become a powerful force on its own right. All over the city, tourists and locals will be able to shop almost anything from new clothes to dinnerware to traditional ornaments.

This is especially true in the Dubai Mall. With 1200 shops in its building, shoppers from all over the world flock this shopping haven every year. In fact, it is such a popular spot that it welcomed 54 million people in 2011 alone. Plus, it is just within a stone’s throw away from the imposing figure that is Burj Khalifa.

  1. Enjoy An Evening Watching Dubai Fountain

Are you a fan of the Belaggio fountains in Las Vegas, you will be just as impressed with the Dubai Fountain. If anything, a lot of people even consider it better than the aforementioned fountains as Dubai does it bigger and louder than its cousin in the West.

What makes the light and water shows in the Dubai Fountain unique is the carefully curated set of songs. Only in the Dubai Fountain will tourists be able to hear pieces by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli after an Arabic dance number and a Swahili song.

These spectacular fountain show can be seen almost every day multiple times in 30-minute intervals.

  1. Lounge in the Jumeirah Beach

For those looking for some time in the sand and seas, one of the most popular choices is the Jumeirah Beach. Lounging in this strip of public sand will give you a view of the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf while looking at the various activities other people are doing like water sports and picnics.  

  1. Take Your Kids To IMG World Of Adventure

Located in the City of Arabia site, the IMG Worlds of Adventure is the first big themed entertainment destination in the Dubai metropolis. There are thrill rides, retail stores, restaurants, cinemas and other attractions within this property.

Divided into four zones, two are occupied by the global brands Marvel and Cartoon Network while the other two are owned by the developer IMG Group. Visitors can see their favorite Marvel and Cartoon Network personalities after interacting with animatronic dinosaurs and riding roller coasters.

  1. Check out the Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is the objectification of the phrase “picture perfect.” This architectural spectacle is made of two towers that stand 150 meters. These two towers are then connected by a glass bridge where you can have a pretty good view of both the older and newer parts of the city.

If you are history buff, you may also want to visit a museum in the first floor that chronicles Dubai’s meteoric rise from a former fishing village to a global city.

  1. Look at ice sculptures in Dubai Garden Glow

The thought of appreciating ice sculptures in the Dubai heat may sound ironic but once you see the artistic sculptures in the Dubai Garden Glow, you will surely change your mind. Tourists that will take a look at these ice sculptures are given a coat so that they can fully appreciate the frozen statuette versions of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.


These are some of the most popular things to do for tourists in Dubai. But if you are on a family vacation in Dubai and relaxing is your top priority, just hire one of the yachts in Dubai from a major yacht rental company in Dubai to enjoy the best views of the city from the sea, enjoy unmatched luxury onboard, have sunbath and relax on the deck. If you are looking for  a luxury retreat, choose from these luxury villas in Dubai.  

If you are yet not sure why you should visit Dubai, check these top reasons to visit Dubai.