10 Features of Car that Are Available On Motorbikes As Well


Cars have more complicated buildup than two-wheelers like scooters and motorcycles. This is the reason; the type of technology used in cars is comparatively of the high end than most of the two-wheelers, even the superbikes of these days. However, with time, some of the really useful features of cars have been integrated into the two-wheelers to make them more comfortable, user-friendly, and advanced. Today we are going to discuss the top 10 features of cars that are available on two wheelers like motorbikes, scooters, etc. these days:

  • Anti-Theft Alarm: When an unauthorized person tries to start your automobile or fiddles with it, the anti-theft alarm raises. Initially, this alarm was used in cars only, but now it is being used on two-wheelers as well. However, with anti-theft alarm to safeguard your automobile, it is advised to take a vehicle insurance plan. Best car insurance policies not only protect your vehicle from accidental damages but also safeguard it from theft or robbery.  

  • Hydraulic Disk Brakes: Even though the hydraulic disk brakes are super common in two-wheelers these days, but a decade ago they were not this easily available on motorcycles and scooters. In this way, it is another technology that is taken from the cars world to the world of two-wheelers.
  • Self-canceling Indicator for Turns: Turn indicator is one of the most useful features of the automobiles, but people generally forget to turn off this indicator. So, to overcome such issue, some cars have introduced self-canceled indicator. This technology has been adopted in some of the two-wheelers as well to turn-off the turn indicator.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System: Anti-Lock Braking System or ABS was first used in aircrafts to prevent their wheels from being locked during braking. With time, this technology is taken by cars and now two-wheelers are using it. The ABS basically maintains the tractive contact with the surface of the road. It is expected that this feature will be used widely in times to come.
  • Low Fuel Warning: The low fuel warning is another useful feature that was initially restricted to the cars only, but now this feature is available in two-wheelers. This feature gives the warning to you about low fuel level in your two-wheeler and safeguards you against fuel loss beforehand.
  • Engine Immobilizer: The engine immobilizer is a device that starts the vehicle only when the correct keys are inserted in its ignition system. This is done by matching the code of the key to the code that is hardwired in the ECU of the vehicle. In this way, this technology again restricts the car thieves to unlock the car by fake keys and drive it away. It is because the car now runs only when the correct key is inserted into its ignition system. With popularity and success of this feature in cars, it is now been integrated into the two-wheelers as well and people are appreciating it much.
  • The technology of Start and Stop: This is the technology that allows seamless start and stop of the cars and helps in fuel saving. In cars, the idle-stop system or start and stop feature flawlessly starts the engine as soon as the clutch or throttle is pressed after an idle stop. The same system is now being integrated into the two-wheelers wherein you need not restart your motorbike again after idle-stop.
  • Headlamps – Follow Me Home: Several high-end cars have this feature that allows the headlights of the cars to stay active a few minutes after the car is parked and the engine is shut off. This is to provide you with illumination while you make your way to the door of your house or to your destination. This feature is currently being adopted by many of the two-wheeler companies also and some of them have already launched it on their bikes.
  • Electronic Fuel Engines: The world of cars is completely shifted to electronic fuel injection system from the carburetor engine. Now the two-wheelers are also shifting to fuel efficient and low-cost electronic fuel engines.
  • Liquid Cooled Engine: Most of the combustion engines of cars use liquid coolants to run through the heat exchanger for cooling the engine. Gone are the days when liquid cooled engines were preserved for cars only. Today with advancement in the two-wheeler technology, they are being used in two-wheelers as well.

Final Words:

These are top 10 features of the cars that are integrated into most of the two-wheelers or some of them will be integrated into a large number of two-wheelers in near future. The reason for integrating these features in two-wheelers is to give advancement to the functionality of the two-wheelers like bikes and motorcycles.