10 Great DIY Jewelry Box Ideas


If you have a lot of jewelry and you wish to keep it organized than you should definitely have a cute jewelry box. Many of us own lots of rings, necklaces, and dazzling bracelets. How do we get organized? If you don’t have one yet, or you need another one than you should take a look at the following 10 Great DIY Jewelry Box Ideas. Follow the links under the pictures, so that you can get  the full tutorials. See what kind of materials you will need, get them and try to make yourself a nice jewelry box. You will keep your jewelry organized and at the same time have a unique jewelry box.


10 Great DIY Jewelry Box Ideas

DIY Weathered Wooden Jewelry Box

Full tutorial: brit.co

Turn A Chocolate Box Into A Jewelry Box

Full tutorial: pearlsandscissors.com

DIY Cute Jewelry Box

Full tutorial: shadesofvoguish.com

DIY Book Jewelry Box

Full tutorial: eatsleepdecorate.blogspot.com

DIY Jewelry Box-Ring Box

Full tutorial: ranrandreamhome.blogspot.co.uk

DIY Record Player Jewelry Box

Full tutorial: pleasenotepaper.com

DIY Jewelry Box For Cufflinks and Earrings

Full tutorial: seriouscraft.com

DIY Jewelry Box

Full tutorial: morenascorner.com

DIY Wooden Ring Bearer Box

Full tutorial: theknottybride.com

DIY Tiffany & Co Inspired Jewelry Box

Full tutorial: lifeannstyle.com