10 Inspiration Travel Destinations for Students 


Many students dream of traveling and visiting unusual places to complement their Instagram stories or to take beautiful photos to make their peers jealous. If you are looking for such a place, and want to have a good rest and get a lot of positive emotions, then our list will be useful for you. Read about 10 most popular and inspiring places and begin to explore the world travel


Longyearbyen, Norway

All the houses of this Norwegian town are painted in bright colors. Perhaps, the residents wanted to make interesting and colorful town against the boring and dull northern mountain landscape. Besides, the townspeople are proud not only of such houses but also of an interesting fact about Longyearbyen. The World Seed Store is located here and contains all agricultural crops of the world.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you like bright and colorful houses, then you should visit Argentina and walk along Caminito Street located in La Boca. Such a picturesque street appeared thanks to Italian immigrants of the 19th century. Fortunately, this interesting tradition of painting homes in bright colors is kept to the present day. Therefore, today El Caminito is the most colorful place in the Argentine capital.

Chawen (Chefchaouen), Morocco

It is a small town and the most famous world traveling destination in Morocco. Every tourist wants to wander through the labyrinths of narrow cobblestone streets and enjoy the bright blue buildings. This place is breathtaking and gives incredible inspiration to all visitors. Besides, you can get very cool photos here!

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nyhavn is the famous port of Copenhagen, where Hans Christian Andersen lived for a long time. Here you can admire the rows of old colorful buildings along the bank of the canal, which are painted in all colors of the rainbow! 

St. John’s, Canada

The center of St. John’s is another colorful place, and it is located in Canada. Bright houses on the slopes of the city hills look like a chocolate dragee in the multi-colored glaze. That is why locals call this place Jellybean Row. The buildings in the historical part of St. John have been painted with bright colors since Victorian times.

Procida, Italy

It is a tiny resort island in southern Italy. Even the Roman patricians preferred to rest here 2 thousand years ago. Many people are attracted and inspired by the pictures of this beautiful city. So, Procida remains a popular travel destination among tourists today. We are sure that you will fall in love with this place too! 

Amorgos, Greece

If you like the sun, sea and beautiful streets, then you should go to Greece! Amorgos is a Greek island that charms tourists with the blue sea, sunny and cozy streets, and white houses covered with red and yellow flowers. 

Stockholm, Sweden

The bright houses on Stortorget Square are one of the most popular places to photograph in Stockholm. In fact, the Stortorget (which means “Big Square”) is a tiny square in Gamla Stan, which is located in the historical center of Stockholm. And in winter, tourists can enjoy one of Europe’s most famous Christmas markets.  

Bristol, UK

The British prefer to stand out from their neighbors, and make lush gardens or choose an interesting front door. However, there is an exception, and it is the Clifton area of Bristol. The facade of each house has individuality and is painted in its own color.

Menton, France

France is famous not only for the Elven Tower, but also for the beautiful Cote d’Azur with a mild climate, blue sea, bright sun and a huge amount of greenery. Therefore, many tourists go to Menton to relax and enjoy the brightly painted houses.

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