10 of The Best Interior Design Ideas From Across the Globe


When you’re restyling your home, it pays to be open minded. Don’t just stick to the same old magazines and websites. Take a wider view. There’s a whole world out there to inspire and lead you to create a home with real wow factor. 


Here are our 10 favorite design ideas from around the world. 

  • Australia: Water saving plants

As temperatures climb, people in Australia are becoming more conscious of their water consumption. Rather than waste valuable water in tending house and garden plants, there’s a big trend to choose cactuses, succulents and grasses. These less-thirsty plants are more sustainable – and look great! 

  • Morocco: Lanterns

Moroccan lanterns create amazing shadows and shapes on your walls, giving a living room, dining room or even a bathroom real mood and interest. 

  • India: throws and cushions

If you welcome a touch of boho chic in your life, a well chosen Indian throw or cushion can transform a bedroom or a corner of your living space. 

  • Scandinavia: cozy touches

Scandinavian design is usually seen as minimalist and predominantly white, but the reason Scandi chic works so well is that there are always little touches to bring welcome warmth – from a sheepskin rug or throw to layered bedding. Think linen sheets and wool blankets in muted tones. 

  • Japan: compact living

With space at a premium, the Japanese have perfected the art of living comfortably in small spaces. A clever way to create a feeling of space in a smaller room is to keep everything low to the ground – a futon, low tables and furniture make your ceiling seem higher. 

  • South America: bold brights

If you like bright shades and tropical flowers, take inspiration from South America in your colour scheme. You can even add a touch of the rainforest with leafy prints and parrot designs. 

  • Mediterranean: villa vibes

If you’ve ever holidayed in a Mediterranean villa, you’ll be a fan of floor tiles, window shutters and flower-covered pergolas. There are lots of ways to capture that Med feel. This article is a useful source of ideas.

  • Britain: country cottage

There’s nothing quite like the quintessential English thatched cottage with its beams, cosy fireplace, Aga in the kitchen… This is a timeless look and you will always find pieces to bring the style to life, whether it’s a chic sofa or classic looking toilets and basins.

  • USA: Malibu beach 

If your taste is uber modern with lots of open space and glass, you can lose many hours browsing interior shots of some of the world’s most luxurious beachside homes.

  •  Africa: Safari styling

If you’re an animal print fan you can make a big statement in your home. Browse luxury safari lodges for inspiration – but think faux animal skin rugs, swathes of netting around your bed and a clawfoot freestanding bath.

So that’s 10 destinations in less than 10 minutes – enjoy your own home styling journey! If your bathroom will form part of your home makeover, Soak.com has plenty of ideas to inspire you.