10 Precautions Tips to Follow for Your Safety and Safety of Your Partner


Sex can be defined as physically pleasurable and an emotionally engaging phenomena. And, when the consent is mutual (which is a very important aspect), there are varieties of ways to explore the sexuality and enhance heat in the moment. However, amid all joy and comfort that it provides mentally and physically, it has its own risks as well. If proper safety tips are not followed before and after sex, it can result in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) range from normal skin infection to life threatening diseases such as AIDS and infertility. Thus, it is advisable to take precautions before and after sex for your safety and safety of your partner.


Read below for precautions tips that are suggested by gynecologist and healthcare specialists for safe sexual activity:

  1. Carry your own condom: Condom is considered as one of the best contraceptive methods, which is even recommended by medical professionals. The method does not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but also reduces the risk of transfer of sexual infections.

Condoms are available for both male and female which is an advantage. One should always carry their own condom if there is any probability of indulging in sexual activity. Keep your own set of dams or lunes if you require them, as they are allergic to few people.

Also, do not forget to check the expiration date before using them.

  1. Check the condom post-sex: Make it a habit to be sure that there hasn’t been any condom malfunction after sex. Make sure the condoms didn’t break in the middle of sexual intercourse, and the condom is disposed properly once used. It should never be re-used.

The contraception should not be retained in the vagina after sex and if it happens, the purpose of condom is not served then. In such cases, both the partners may become vulnerable to sexually transmittable infections. There is a high probability that the woman end up conceiving which would not be desired.

  1. Avoid sex with multiple partners: Involving in sexual activity with multiple sex partners puts you on high risk of sexual infections. It is not a healthy lifestyle and may cause discomfort for various days. Some infections can lead to severe complications.

Even though you are indulging in such phenomena, make sure you are using proper protection to avoid any kind of future complications.

It is advisable to use latex condoms and practice safe sex.

  1. About alcohol: You must have read at several places including some famous magazines that alcohol, most probably wine helps in sexual arousal and to create the intimacy. It’s true, but consumption of excess of alcohol in any form can result in unsatisfying sex.

According to reports, 11% of alcohol users have issues in reaching orgasm. When compared to men who do not drink, alcohol consumers experience difficulty while ejaculating. And in case of women, they need to be more stimulated in order to reach orgasm.

The reason explained behind it is that alcohol depresses parts of the nervous system that are responsible for orgasm and arousal.

Also, due to consumption of alcohol people tend to lose the sense of judgement and forget the limits. This can cause severe problems.

  1. Lubricant selection: During pre-menopause and menopause period, usually women experience vaginal tissue thinning and it result in sensitivity in the area.

Stimulating lubricant containing methanol can irritate the skin. The condition is most likely to occur in women in the menopause phase.

It is suggested to use water based lubricants which do not contain methanol to avoid any kind of complications during or after sexual intercourse.

  1. Clean: It is advisable to wipe the outer area of the vagina with water or soaps which does not contain any kind of perfume, fragrance or paraben.

Using cleanser which contains perfume, paraben or fragrance may cause irritation in the vagina. Also, perfumes may enhance the growth of bacteria responsible for producing odor.

Douching should be prohibited strictly. According to research, douching can be abrasive and result in micro-tears in blood vessels located in vagina. This increases the risk of infections.

  1. Urinate: It is safe to urinate after sex as it protects from risk of getting infections including urinary tract infections. Urinating helps in removing the bacteria, which are responsible for infections, before they initiate the infections.

Also, Urinary tract infections are common in women and one of the causes is sexual intercourse. Thus, peeing after sex can resolve this issue as it is very painful circumstance.

Usually women don’t need to force it, the urge to pee occurs to them because of stimulation of G-spot. It is advisable to relive oneself instead of being lazy.

However, peeing just after sex don’t imply going to bathroom. It’s alright to snuggle up for some time and then visit the loo; but the waiting time should not exceed 30 minutes once sexual intercourse is done.

  1. Wash sex toys: If you indulge in sexual activity which involves use of a sex toy. It is suggested to always wash and store them once the course of the sexual activity is over. Not washing them properly after using the sex toy might create house for infection causing microorganisms.

An antibacterial wash or spray is also recommended for better protection.

  1. Don’t ignore pain or bleeding: If abdominal discharge or bleeding is experienced after sexual intercourse, it should not be ignored. Pain after sex may indicate certain kind of infections, irritation from the use of lubricants or condom used incorrectly. There can be some underlying severe gynecological condition as well and pain could be one of the symptoms.

If this scenario is experienced, a doctor should be consulted regarding the same.

  1. Consult a Gynecologist: If you are an amateur, then consulting a gynecologist before indulging in sexual activity can help in bursting myths about sex. Apart from that, you can get suggestions for safe sex practice to and how to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmittable infections and diseases.

Also, in case you had unprotected sex with different partner, a STD test should be done immediately and the case should be discussed with a gynecologist. Also, use emergency contraceptive pill such as Unwanted 72 which is available at price of INR 75 and can be purchased form any drug store, to avoid unwanted pregnancy. However you must look at Unwanted 72 Composition before taking it.

If you are sexually active, make it a routine to visit gynecologist for well-being of sexual health. Pain or any kind of infections experienced should also be discussed.

Practicing safe sex must be promoted by everyone to have a healthy and pleasurable sexual life.

Infections and diseases transmitted sexually can result in lesions and sores in the skin which are embarrassing for some people.

Following above mentioned precautions tips can help an individual to lead a normal and healthy life, by blocking infections.