10 Simple Things You Didn’t Know The Use For. #9 Will Surprise You For Sure


If you take a time to look around you, you will for sure find some item that you didn’t know it actually has a purpose. And you will now agree that you won’t spend some time to look for its purpose, but instead will admit that it must be designed that way. But trust us, everything in this world comes with a purpose, so these simple things won’t be an exception. There are many of them and today we want to show just ten that you didn’t know the use for.

The one that will for sure surprise you is the cap of a ball point pen

Because, did you know that this hole is actually there to lower the risk of suffocation? So, in case a small child was chewing on the cap and choked on it, the hole keeps their airway from closing up completely. This means that this little hole on the cap can save some lives. So, we must say THANK YOU to its designer.

And what do you think about the purpose of the tiny snaps on the pockets of your jeans?

simple things

Find the answer to this on the video below as well as many other purposes of simple things.

Tell us in the comments which one of these uses surprised you the most and let us know if you have any other item to add to this list. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many cool ideas that will keep you entertained.