10 Super Easy Ways To Build Your Own Fire Pit


A fire pit is just one of those features that you need in your backyard to make it look complete. And although you can buy some, there are many possible ways of how to build one. So, today, we want to show you 10 super easy ways of how to build your own fire pit.

These fire pits that you are about to see are quite versatile, so we bet that each one of you will try to make one. They vary in the materials made of, including bricks, stones, concrete blocks etc. You will also find a simple tutorial of how to turn a washing machine drum into a cool fire pit. The following ideas are in the form of a step-by-step pictorials, so that you can easily learn how to do them. And in case you need some further instructions, check the links below the photos to get to the full tutorials. So, let’s check them out!

Brick Fire Pit

Photo via: tuffguardhose.com

DIY Stone Fire Pit

Photo via: diynetwork.com

DIY Concrete Fire Pit

Photo via: diynetwork.com

DIY In-ground Fire Pit

Photo via: thepotterytree.com

DIY $50 Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

Photo via: instructables.com

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Concrete Block Fire Pit

Photo via: abeautifulmess.com

DIY Fire Pit Out Of Washing Machine Drum

Photo via: houseandfig.com

DIY Fire Pit

Photo via: howtoinstructions.org

DIY Fire Pit With Landscape Wall Stones

Photo via: ehow.com

Cinder Block And Stone Fire Pit

fire pit
Photo via: rachelferrucci.com

So, which one from the above fire pits would you try to make? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you have any other such cool DIY project. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other decor ideas for your outdoors.