10 Things Every Teenage Girl Should Have In Their Closet


As a teenager, you not only undergo rapid changes physically but also with your personal style. You’re discovering a lot of new fashion trends and trying out different outfits and experimenting with varying fittings for your body. Your wardrobe, just like your personality is continuously evolving. It, therefore, makes sense not to invest a lot of money on certain clothes that might end up not liking in a year or a few months from now. Notwithstanding, there are some clothing essentials that you can never go without – these wardrobe staples include things you’ll hold on to even as you continue discovering your personal style. As you shop for affordable clothes for girls, here are ten pieces worth adding to your closet.

  1.    Little Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are functional, comfortable and trendy. When shopping for the perfect dress, you might want to avoid the everyday black dresses and pick another classy and classic color like Navy which will help differentiate yourself.

  1.    Blouse

Always have a chic blouse in your wardrobe that you can wear with pants (like denim) or skirts. Blouses are perfect for every occasion – whether it’s a class presentation, a night out with friends or a college interview.

  1.     Boyfriend Jeans

Sometimes during the school term, you just want to be comfortable and ease out – boyfriend jeans are the perfect outfit that will give you that minimalist look without sacrificing style. What’s more, you can either choose to dress up or down depending on how you see fit.

  1.    Bold Shoes

While it’s essential to have nude and versatile black shoes that you can pair with almost anything in your closet, it’s just as important to have a fun pair that shows your personal style and personality. It can be a bold print shoes or a pair with bright colors – you can pair these with jeans shorts.

  1.     Stylish Backpack

Your backpack is perhaps your most used possession. You carry it with you every day; you might as well buy one that’s functional and cute.

  1.    Statement Necklace

You shouldn’t spend all your money on cute dresses and bold tops; accessorizing your outfit with a killer statement necklace will not only distinguish your outfit but also dress up even the simplest white t-shirt.

  1.    Cute Pajama Set

Sure, it’s perfectly okay to go to sleep wearing sweatpants and a ratty t-shirt, but it feel much better bumming around the house and going to sleep in an adorable PJ set. It also comes handy during sleepovers!

  1.    Classic Watch

A simple classic watch makes for a beautiful jewelry but it is also highly functional especially during class or dinner when you can’t take your phone out to check the time.

  1.    Versatile Flats

A cute pair of flat shoes can be paired with almost any outfit in your closet. Wear the loafers with boyfriend jeans or joggers for a casual look or pair them with a modest shift dress for a dressier look.

  1.    Substantial Leggings

Last but not least, you want to have a pair of substantial leggings which are perfect for fall and winter. Quality leggings will keep you warm and also hold up correctly against regular wear.

How many of these wardrobe essential do you have? You can invest in quality yet affordable clothes online. Make sure to include these pieces!