10 Things for the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe


Do you ever struggle to find the perfect outfit? Well, having a capsule wardrobe allows you to create stunning looks in no time. It is a limited set of clothing you can mix and match to create many different outfits. Building a capsule wardrobe will help you declutter your closet and save a few extra bucks. Here are a few clothing pieces to add to your capsule. 

1. Start With Outerwear 

Having comfortable and stylish outwear is essential for your capsule wardrobe. It’s perfect for bundling up during colder winter months. Then in the fall, you have an extra layer in the morning that you can easily take off in the afternoon. 

Consider adding a trenchcoat to your closet. A trench coat provides a classic look, and some are even waterproof. They are also versatile, and you can pair them with a nice dress or jeans and a t-shirt. A wrap and belted coat or parka are other stylish options. 

2.  Add Some Jackets

Along with heavier coats, you need some lightweight jackets too. These pieces are important for a night out. There are multiple coat styles to choose from. Motorcycle jackets or leather jackets can create an edgy appearance. Also, their neutral colors pair nicely with brighter-hued shirts. A blazer will make your outfit look more formal and is perfect for work meetings. 

Another key item is a denim jacket, which provides a southern feel and is versatile. You can pair it with a t-shirt, black jeans and sneakers to create a casual look. 

3. Dress Up Your Wardrobe With Button-up Shirts 

Button-up shirts are essential for more formal occasions. You can use these for work or even parent-teacher meetings. They can also be more casual when paired with jeans. Consider going for more neutral tones, like whites and blacks. If you’re looking for more color, add in some navy, brown, or beige-hued pieces. 

Having a neutral color scheme makes it easier to mix and match items. If you want to create a fun look, tie it into a crop top or buy an oversized tee and add accessories. For a more high-end appearance, layer it under a summer dress or pair it with a pantsuit.  

4. Bring in Some Comfort With KnitWear 

Knitted clothing is perfect for cozying up in the winter. It is also an ideal piece for your family Christmas parties. Sticking with natural colors, like white, makes the clothing easier to match.

Try to find pieces that work well with your body type. If you’re shorter, you may want to go for a cropped sweater. Make sure to try on multiple options to see which is best. Consider adding cotton sweaters to your wardrobe. They are soft, easy to wash and affordable. 

5. Remember a Simple T-Shirt

A T-shirt is a staple in any wardrobe. You can get them almost anywhere, and they’re affordable.  You also have a choice of colors. You can go neutral or add a pop of color to your outfit. If you want to create a unique look, graphic t-shirts are a fun option.

Start with finding black, white, navy, or grey pieces. You can also experiment with the different types of necklines, such as v-neck, to see what you like best. Consider matching your t-shirt with a tracksuit or distressed jeans.

6.  Have a Good Pair of Jeans

Denim jeans are a classic and versatile piece of clothing. You can dress it up with a button-up shirt or dress it down with a t-shirt. You can also have ones in different shades, to go with your different looks. White, greys, and pastels tend to work better with light-colored jeans. You can also change up the color and add some black or white pants for more formal events.

Also, play around with the different styles. Do you prefer straight-legged or tapered? Once you find your style, have a few good pairs on hand you can reuse each season.

7.  Mix in Some Belts

Belts are a great way to accessorize. They can help to jazz up a plain dress or worn-out jeans. Leather belts, dress belts, or braided belts are classic styles. Whatever design you choose, make sure it’s something you love. To find the right size belt, measure your waist and go up one size. 

8. Incorporate Some Dresses

Whether you’re going to a family party or a night on the town, a dress is a must-have item. Spaghetti straps are a classic style for date night. You also want to stick with a neutral color, so you can easily mix it with other clothing. You can pair it with a jacket for a warm and stylish look. Consider draping the jacket over your shoulders or matching the length of your dress. 

9. Have the Right Footwear

When planning your outfit, footwear may be the last thing on your mind. Although, having the proper foot footwear will make your outfit stand out. Make sure you have the essentials, such as sandals, sneakers, and boots. You want to have a classic pair of white sneakers that match well with jeans or even a casual summer dress. 

10. Remember to Include Accessories

Along with your clothing items, you want to have a few accessories. These can help spice up an outfit. One item you should consider is a sleek black backpack. You can easily carry this around to hold all your items. Plus, it’s perfect for taking to a coffee shop when you need to get work done. Also, add a few pairs of earrings, scarves and sunglasses to your capsule. 

How to Create the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe 

Getting ready in the morning can feel stressful. However, a capsule wardrobe can make it easier. Consider adding some of these pieces to build a timeless wardrobe you’ll love.