10 Things Homeowners Do to Distract from Glaring Property Problems


If there is one thing all homeowners share in common, it is property problems. Here are 10 common things homeowners just like you do to distract from glaring property problems.

1. You keep pulling out the buckets.
Your roof is leaking, because the felt has been damaged?But you say to yourself “Well, it’s just a few drops” – no big deal.

2. You know what each circuit breaker controls by heart.
You used the hairdryer and the iron at the same time again – and once again the circuit breaker blew. Your electrical system is working fine – you just need to remember not to use both at the same time.

3. You spend a good hour each week picking up tree limbs.
So your trees are a little overgrown – no big deal. You can just drive around them – or park your car on the street to avoid the low one hanging down into your driveway.

4. You wake up at least twice each night because of scratching in the walls or ceiling.
You may have a few visitors, but hey, everyone needs a place to live, right? Besides, pest control is expensive. You just hope whatever-it-is doesn’t die up there.

5. You are getting behind on your mortgage payments.
Last month you were just a few days late. The month before that you paid one day late. But you don’t know anything about negotiating fixed rate mortgages, so you’ll just keep trying to do your best to keep up.

6. You can add an extra 5 minutes to your morning trying to get the front door to close and lock.
Even though your neighbour spent an hour last week telling you about their foundation problems, you are sure your own door just needs a touch of planning.

7. You have tried every air freshener scent available to stick, plug in or diffuse.
So your home smells a little (okay, a lot) musty sometimes….often….always. It must be the dog – the rain – anything but mold and mildew.

8. You think you saw a cloud of insects on your wall – or it could have just been a shadow.
No way could termites infest your property. It is newly built. And your pest control person didn’t say a word about seeing any termites. Read more about getting rid of termites.

9. You are starting to notice a smell you can only describe as “rotten eggs” coming from, well, you’re not sure where it’s coming from.
But you know it isn’t a natural gas leak. In fact, it is probably the neighbour’s trash. They’ve always been slobs and it is high time you talked to them about it.

10. Your fire alarm keeps going off but there’s no fire.
You read it last week and noticed it has two settings: “smoke/fire” and “carbon monoxide.” But you feel fine and you park your car out front. The smoke alarm must be defective.