10 Things That You Must Carry In Your Range Bag


So you’ve assembled your rifle starting with an ar 15 lower, but when is the next time you plan to hit the range or go to the countryside for a shooting spree? Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned shooter, getting your range bag ready is as important as getting ready for the sport yourself. There are some essentials that you must absolutely carry to have a great day at the range. Missing something, on the other hand, can spoil the day for you. Let us help you with a list of things that you must carry in your range bag to have a great shooting experience.

  1. Eye Protection

A pair of shooting glasses is the first thing that you must carry in your bag because you would need to protect your eyes from dust, debris and impact. Invest in a quality pair that offers high visibility along with great protection. Make sure that they fit well so that you are comfortable wearing them. There are plenty of options that you can find in the market as well as online.

  1. Hearing Protection

Besides eye protection, there is also a need to carry hearing protection to the range because of the reasons that are very obvious. A quality pair of earmuffs will do the job of protecting your hearing from the noise and impact of the gunshots. Look for one in the right size and something that does not hamper normal communication.

  1. Oil

Having a gun that is dry and dirty can spoil your day at the range. So you must carry some oil to lubricate the gun as and when there is a need. Seasoned shooters know that oiling their guns is essential to keep them in a good condition; in fact, it is also a good alternative to cleaning the gun.

  1. Magazine Brush

Another essential that you must have in your shooting bag is a magazine brush because you need to keep the magazines clean to ensure that they run smoothly. You never know when the day may turn windy and the magazines may get covered with dust. So it is better to have yourself covered in the first place!

  1. Spare Parts

While a majority of issues with guns crop up due to dirt and dryness, sometimes the concern may be more serious. A part of your gun may need replacement; so it is good to carry some spare parts along so that you may not end up wasting your day at the range. A recoil spring, a trigger spring and a firing pin are the suggested spare parts that you must have in your range bag.

  1. A Cleaning Rag

Ensure that your bag has a cleaning rag before you step out for a shooting spree. This might seem as a useless thing to carry but you will probably be in a fix if you need a spare piece of cloth to clean the dust or wipe the gun dry after oiling. A clean towel, likewise, will help to clean your hands and wiping off the sweat.

  1. A snack and water bottle

A snack and water bottle are must-haves in your range bag, in addition to the protective gear for your eyes and ears. Dehydration is a common problem you may come across and you should take extra care of your health while you are there. Replenishing your body with water is helpful to prevent dehydration. Carry nutritious snacking options such as sandwiches and protein bars.

  1. Lip Balm

Another personal care item that should find place along with all the important shooting equipment is a lip balm. A long and tiring day in the dry and dusty conditions of a range can leave your lips dry and parched. You can protect them by applying a lip balm periodically.

  1. A Change of Clothes

Be sure to carry a change of clothes in the range bag as you may get sweaty in a few hours and feel like freshening up by donning a clean new outfit. Have a pair or two of cotton socks too.

  1. First Aid  

Take along some items of first aid, such as band aid, antiseptic lotion, ointment, cotton and some gauze. There are chances that you may get hurt and need some first aid at the range.

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