10 Things to Pack for Your Youth Conference 


When preparing for attending one of the many amazing Christian conferences in 2022, it’s definitely important to know what to bring. This is especially true if it’s your first time attending a Christian youth conference. While most conferences will, of course, have some emergency supplies on hand, it makes the entire experience more enjoyable when you feel prepared for anything that lies ahead. That’s why having a packing list for your youth conference is such a key early step to having a great overall time. 

But what exactly should you expect to bring? Here, we’re taking a closer look at some key items to pack for your Christian youth conference. When you’ve got all the small things you’ll need, you can relax and spend more time actually enjoying yourself and learning valuable lessons from this amazing experience. 

10 Things to Pack for Your Youth Conference

While sharing similar values, each Christian youth conference will in fact be a unique experience. Some will vary based on destination, time, activities, and other factors. That’s why it’s critical to do your research first before heading out or sending off one of your children to these experiences. Many of the top youth conferences will offer guides or tips for what your teens should bring to their youth conference, but it never hurts to have a good idea of what to bring on your own to ensure a successful experience.

Read on for a helpful guide on some things to pack for your youth conference experience:

1. Toiletries: just like any other extended trip, you certainly don’t want to forget about some of your essential toiletries. Make sure to pack the basics, including a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, deodorant, and any other small item you’d use on a daily basis. While many conferences will probably have extra toiletries for anyone in need, many people like to have their own on hand just in case.

2. Comfortable clothing: when selecting outfits for your youth conference, it’s smart to have an idea as to what types of activities will be offered. Most youth conferences allow their attendees to engage in a range of fun games and activities that definitely call for loose, comfortable clothing. Think about bringing a few casual outfits similar to what you might wear going to the gym or when you’re out being active with friends. You also want to make sure you bring a few spare pairs of socks and underwear.

3. Sunday clothes: when going through your closet, don’t forget to throw in at least one or two outfits that you’d be comfortable wearing to a Sunday church service. While many of the activities and events at youth conferences will be more active and informal, many will still include church services where that t-shirt and shorts just won’t cut it. Bring a formal outfit for these occasions that can also be worn for dinners or evening events. It’s all about having options.

4. Swimsuit and towels: Many youth conference activities will include some water-related activities, whether that includes swimming, rowing, canoeing, or just hanging out around a lake or river for some relaxing fun. If so, then make sure to bring a swimsuit, or two, towels, and any other aquatic supplies you think you might need. If you’re going to be out in the sun, you should also bring some sunscreen and sunglasses. Be sure to check in with your youth conference leaders to learn if you’ll need these supplies.

5. Outdoor gear: some of the most fun and engaging youth conferences often include outdoor experiences where you get to make a connection with nature. This could include hiking, camping, or even activities like ziplining or bike riding. If this sounds like your potential experience, make sure to bring along any outdoor gear you might need. This might be a good pair of hiking boots, a hat, sunglasses, or bug spray and sunscreen to stay protected while having fun.

6. Appropriate shoes: when picking out your outfits for the youth conference, don’t forget about your feet. Bring comfortable, active shoes so that you can stay in the game and avoid blisters during conference activities and events. A pair of reliable tennis shoes should do the trick. Also, however, you also want a nice pair of dress shoes for church services and any evening events that might require a more formal touch.

7. Camera: what better way to capture all the priceless memories than with a roll of film? Well, your camera will probably be digital (or on your phone) but you get the point. Bring a camera so you won’t forget any of the experiences and the people you meet at your Christian youth conference. If phones are allowed, you may not really end up needing a camera.

8. Spending money: for some youth conferences, there may be the opportunity to make small purchases, such as souvenirs or snacks. If so, you’ll want to have a little extra spending money on hand. You probably won’t end up needing much, but bringing 50 bucks or so can be helpful for small purchases or emergencies.

9. Watch: for some events, you may not have access to your phone. For this reason, many people bring watches to keep an eye on the time.

10.  An open mind: don’t leave home without this one. Be sure to head off on your youth conference with an open mind and an open heart so that you can truly experience the spiritual benefits of the experience. 

Conclusion – 10 Things to Pack for Your Youth Conference

Attending your first (or your tenth) Christian youth conference is truly an amazing experience. But you certainly don’t want the experience to be spoiled simply by forgetting some essential supplies you’ll need. Don’t forget your toiletries, comfortable clothes, sunglasses and bug spray, and a little extra cash on hand for any purchases along the way. When you’re prepared, you can truly enjoy your youth conference experience