10 Tips for a Stylish Nursery


Designing the perfect nursery takes time, effort, and a whole lot of love. After all, this is the space where your child will spend their formative years. It’s where they’ll start developing their personality, learning about the world, and exploring their space.

Naturally, you want a nursery that blends form and function. Whether you’re incorporating relaxing spaces for mommy or you’re going with a gender-neutral design that doesn’t restrict your child’s gender expression as they start to grow, there are ways to create a trendy, functional nursery that meets all of your family’s needs.

1. Create space for mom.


While the nursery is all about your baby, you still want to include some adult-oriented pieces and items for maximum comfort. Between picking out the best nursery glider for gentle rocking or a futon with lumbar pillow support and a matching ottoman to make for quiet, cozy breastfeeding, mom needs some space too.

2. Don’t go crazy on a theme.

Themes can be cute in the right context, but you also want to make sure you’re not growing overboard. After all, an overly themed nursery may need a redesign after a few years. That costs time and money. Whether you’re talking to the top interior designers in Denver or you’re working with a nursery planner in NYC, there are ways to add themed touches without overwhelming the room.

3. Opt for gender-neutral design.

Gender-neutral design is important for children of all ages, gender expressions, and identities. That’s why it’s a good idea to start with a gender-neutral design and allow your child to gravitate toward different colors naturally as they age. It helps make the room a more comfortable place.

4. Pick tactful accent colors.

Whether you’re doing a full accent wall or you include a fun-colored rocking chair or ottoman set, there are ways to bring accent colors into the room without it looking garish or overly bright.

5. Incorporate fun patterns.


Patterns can mesmerize infants, toddlers, and young children alike. Incorporating fun pillow patterns or wall designs can create focal points throughout the nursery that draw the eye.

6. Design with small children in mind.

Though it might not seem like it now, that crib won’t be there forever. Soon, your child will want plenty of space to call their own. What was once a baby’s room also needs to serve as a child’s room if need be. That means it should be accessible to smaller children.

7. Add plenty of storage.

Whether you need quick access to your breast pump after night feedings or you want the diapers to be within arm’s reach of the changing station, you need to think about your storage options within the space. Though this is harder with small spaces, you can still create plenty of room with cubes, under-crib storage, and closets.

8. Incorporate pops of texture.

Much like patterns, textures are exciting for little fingers to explore. From the smooth glide of a crib railing to the soft fuzzy feeling of a favorite blanket, you should find ways to incorporate texture throughout the baby’s nursery.

9. Stick to warm-toned metal.

While you can use blues, greys, and other cool colors throughout the nursery, you still want warm accents here and there. If you’re incorporating metal, use warmer tones to liven up the nursery.

10. Get professional assistance.

Sometimes, it’s easiest to work with a contractor or a design firm. Whether you’re redecorating the nursery for a second child or you’re eagerly anticipating your first, the right nursery designers can help you make smart choices for new moms and veteran caregivers alike.

With these tips, you can create a safe, special place for your little ones that will help shape them for years to come.