10 Trending Living Room Decorations


If you are an avid admirer of home décor, you already know how dynamic a living room is. This room can be used as a home entertainment center, a gathering area for guests, or simply a place to relax. Compared to other areas of the house, your living room allows for more creativity, personality, and uniqueness in the layout. 

For some homeowners, a living room can be difficult to decorate because there are so many design possibilities. A popular approach is to use current décor trends as a starting point. The trends will lead you to wholesale home décor retailers, where you can browse through different collections. Once a few interesting items have caught your eye, you can narrow down the options for your living room decorations.

From minimalist home décor products to Instagram-ready artistic expressions, the latest interior design trends are wide and varied. Let’s check out the top ten trending living room decorations this season!

1. Bookends

A popular décor trend is adding a small book collection in between a sophisticated pair of bookends. The bookends fit just as well on a mounted shelf as they do on a coffee table. The book collection expresses some of your interests in a subtle and classy way. Even if you aren’t a big reader, fill your book collection with biographies of people you admire. The books can serve as conversation starters between yourself and any guests. 

2. Clean edges

The Scandinavian style of home décor is trendy right now. Many homeowners enjoy the aesthetic characterized predominantly by clean edges and lines. Usually, the clean edges apply to furniture, but the idea can also apply to décors, such as boxes, storage organizers, and lamps. Through edges and lines, you get a very organized and directional feel to your living room.

3. Faux greenery

Artificial plants and faux flowers open up many possibilities on how to bring in vibrant textures. If you have the time to care for a real plant, that’s even better. To enhance the living room décor with plants, blend in other materials like wood, stones, and crystals. A small waterfall is also a fun decoration, but you should be careful about overembellishing. Too many accessories may detract from the beauty of your plants.

4. Wall art

What you hang on your wall takes up no additional space in the room. If you have a small living room, use the wall space to decorate wisely. A large photograph, an art canvas, or signage are all great ideas. If you aren’t renting, you may also want to take things to the next level with decals or wallpaper. For those artistically inclined, an abstract mural can accentuate a wall and introduce a new look to your living room.

5. Area rugs

A rug is another way you can decorate a living room without taking up square footage. Place the rug underneath your furniture to make the area feel cozier. For larger living rooms, you may choose to use multiple rugs. Layering rugs is also occasionally done, although it takes an astute eye to pull off this trendy décor style.

6. Throw pillows

Throw pillows, blankets, and fabrics help to make a living room feel lived-in. They can also be rotated in and out according to the season, so you can play around with colors and textures. For example, a throw pillow that may feel so warm and cozy in winter won’t be right for summer. For the more ambitious home decorator, a rotation of living room looks will always keep the décor looking fresh.

7. Candles & lanterns

Lights don’t have to be so bland. A minimalist candle or stylish lantern serves as both a living room décor and a warm way to light the room. You can mount or hang a lantern, positioning it where you need lighting the most. By optimizing your light arrangements, you create a more intriguing living room with an atmospheric ambiance.

8. Centerpiece

In every living room, try to find an object, sculpture, artwork, or centerpiece that acts as a talking point for the room. Find an item that is most representative of you as a person. The centerpiece adds uniqueness to the home décor so that your living room doesn’t just follow what’s trendy right now.

9. Planter

A small planter can add style, color, and shape. There are many Instagram-friendly, photo-ready plants available in wholesale home décor retailers. Contrary to expectations, your planter doesn’t necessarily have to contain a plant either. You can leave your planter empty, keeping it available for any small knick-knacks, keys, loose change, or buttons. 

10. Window curtains

The right window curtains will help to filter light, control temperature, and add a pleasant dynamic to a living room. Fabric curtains are arguably preferred over shutters or blinds, but you can make anything work in the right décor context. Alternatively, you can repurpose old fabric to make your own customized curtains.