10 ways to use fairy lights to make your home look magical


Fairy lights, a way to positively change anyone’s mood. They make what ever the occasion brighter and create a somewhat festive and cosy ambiance. Fairy lights cost barely anything, they are easy to move and require barely any space. This small investment can change your home for the better and give it that magical look and feel. Here are ten different ways you can incorporate fairy lights in to your home.

Mason Jar Lights

Mason jars are a great way to jazz up any room in your house. To make these you will need to tape the battery pack to the ring of the jar’s lid and make sure that the on/off switch is facing down so that you can access it easy, then push the lights into the jar. These lights look gorgeous on a table, dresser or hanging from the walls.

Mirror lights

Making your reflection that little bit more magical. Drape fairy lights over the edge of your full-length mirror instantly making a bland object bright.

Stair lights

This is a fun way of using fairy lights. Wrap them around the posts of your staircase and it will really light up the stairs. It’s a great accessory for a party or a piece of permeant décor for your home.

Light up headboard

This will turn your bedroom into a magical wonderland. Make your own headboard by hanging strips of fairy lights off hooks above your bed.

If fairy lights wont go round you bed, why not get yourself a new bed from Divan Beds Centre? They have a huge selection for you to find the perfect one.

String picture display

Polaroid’s are the best kind of pictures for this light display but if you don’t have those then normal ones will do. String fairy lights across the wall and then clip the different pictures to them along the lights.

Check out this step by step guide by Lights4fun on how to perfect this look.

Picture frames

Fix some fairy lights to your picture frame to add light and brighten up your pictures. Fix them permanently with super glue or wrap them around the frame.


If you have a desk that you sit and do you make up at or a working desk with some shelves above it, wrap some fairy lights around the shelves and have them hanging down the sides.

Make words with lights

Are you the creative type? Why not try and create words with your fair lights and hang it on one for your walls in the house.

Garden lights

Add some ambiance to your garden as well and hang some fairy lights from the trees or above a porch. The perfect romantic setting for those warm summer evenings or a great place to relax after work.

Light up twigs

Grab some branches from outside or buy some from your local home store, place them in a vase and wrap fairy lights around them. This is perfect for those who look the rustic chic look.

Why not try out one of these DIY ways of using fairy lights and transform the way your home feels for good.