11 Amazing Engagement Party Decorations


The easiest way for your wedding to stand out is with unique engagement party decorations. But, how do you know what to choose? How do you plan your budget? 

That’s exactly why we’re here. 

Read on to find engagement decorations that are low cost, diy engagement party decorations that you can craft yourself, and engagement party supplies that you’ll have to purchase but are worth every penny. 


A few DIY projects is how to save money on wedding decorations, and centerpieces are the easiest way to start. A simple combination of mason jars and flowers will do the trick. Candles and found natural objects such as live edge wood are also some reliable go-tos 

Cake Topper

The engagement party is the bride and groom’s chance to meet extended family members and significant friends before the big day. Kick it off by letting everyone know why they’re here. A simple cake topper that announces your upcoming nuptials. 

Photo Booth

Some people will tell that photo booths are passe and should not be included in your engagement party decoration ideas. Those people are wrong. Regardless of how cliche you think a photo booth is, they are irresistible. Set one up and smile to yourself as even the most stubborn skeptics pick out a silly hat and oversized glasses.

Food Station

Drawing the right attention to your food stations is just as important as the food you place on them. Your engagement party decorations should include balloons and unique lighting ideas. This helps to establish a theme, delivers a message, and makes sure that your guests know where to congregate. 

Just Desserts

One way to keep the party moving is to literally keep it moving. Rather than break the bank with served elaborate dessert, provide your guests with a great reason to get out of their seats with a rustically designed dessert table. Choose simple items like bite-size brownies and cake pops. This will make it easier to not overindulge. 

Time is of the Essence – a Relationship Timeline

A gorgeous compliment to the photo diary is a simple chalkboard highlighting the milestones of your relationship. Displaying the chronology of your love story is an effortless way to enable your guests to understand your relationship and celebrate on a deeper level.

Signature Cocktails

Whether it’s the sacrament of the Eucharist or raising a stein at Oktoberfest, drinks have always been highly symbolic to those breaking bread. If you choose the right flavors for your signature cocktails they can easily become the centerpiece for engagement party fun. Everyone has different tastes, however. Make sure to offer an alternative.

Drink Table 

Some weddings are highly conservative and prefer only a modest amount of alcohol, if any at all. If that sounds like the opposite of a good time to you, spice up your seating chart with some shot glasses filled with an exciting beverage. You can choose a sample version of your signature cocktail or something entirely different.

Photo Diary

Many of your guests are going to know your story inside and out. However, some of them are going to need some catching up, and they’re going to ask you about it. Rather than repeat the story of how you met and how he proposed over and over, let your creative engagement party decorations do the talking. String up a series of photos that reveals the development of your relationship for all to see. 

Oversized Charcuterie 

There is going to be plenty of opportunities for full-blown meals. Consider replacing your sit down meals with an oversized charcuterie board. You’ll be able to splash in any engagement decoration ideas that you may have while forcing the party to focus on socializing and entertainment rather than sitting and talking. 

Confetti Balloon

Every great party ends with some sort of apex. Set up a series of balloons to serve as your engagement party props throughout the evening. Pass out some pins and turn up the volume on your favourite celebration song. Your guests will have a blast dancing as the confetti falls around them.

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