11 Common Complaints From Girls With Extensions — And How to Fix Them


Your hair is too thin or too curly or too damaged or too brown. I get it ― I needed extensions, too, and I’m glad I got them. Life after extensions is amazing, but there are some struggles that some extension newbies suffer through before they understand how fake hair works. To help you make better use of your new ‘do, here are some common problems (and easy solutions) that come with extensions.

1. They Feel Weird!

At first, extensions don’t feel right. They pull on your natural hair, making your head feel strangely heavy. When you run yours fingers through your hair, you might be able to feel the difference between your natural strands and your new additions. This doesn’t go away, but with time, you will get used to the feeling. In fact, eventually, you’ll think your hair feels weird when you don’t have extensions.

2. They Are Too Hot!

There’s a biological reason mammals have hair: to stay warm. Unfortunately, when you add extra hair on your head, it compounds the effect. Your body is used to gradual changes, and adding even 10 percent more hair to your head tends to make your upper half overheat quickly. Your body will acclimate soon, but for now, try to wear tank tops and sit in the shade.

3. They Are Itchy!

If you used tape or glue, you probably feel unbearable itchiness where the extension meets your scalp. Adhesive extensions can irritate the sensitive skin up there, causing itchiness. The annoying sensation should go away as your scalp becomes used to attachment. You can scratch if you want, but you should be careful not to tug on your extensions because that will definitely hurt.

4. They Keep Tangling!

Synthetic extensions tangle excruciatingly easily. Even natural hair extensions require some extra effort when it comes to detangling because they don’t have the exact same composition as your natural hair. The only real solution is to be careful on windy days, to avoid tossing your head around too much, and to cover your hair in a silk scarf (or wrap it up in braids) while you sleep.

5. They Cost Too Much!

Even setting aside the cost of the two-hour salon appointment (with tip), extensions cost a pretty penny. The cheapest option, synthetic hair, looks and feels cheap, though, so it usually is worth the cost for real hair. If you think ahead, you can order your extensions in advance from Airy Hair; otherwise, you’ll be stuck paying upwards of $300 for whatever your stylist has in-store.

6. They Aren’t Going in Correctly!

You aren’t a professional hair stylist, so it makes sense that you don’t know how to put in extensions properly. Even clip-ins don’t look as good when you do them yourself. The next time you see your stylist, you should ask for detailed instructions ― or just keep a standing appointment.

7. They Are Impossible to Brush!

Even without extensions, you shouldn’t be yanking a comb through your tangled, wet hair, but when you have fake hair in, brushing takes patience and gentleness. You must brush from tips to roots to ensure you don’t snag your new hair and pull the whole thing out. Then, you should add a little BC Oil Miracle to keep everything soft and tangle-free.

8. They Are Hard to Style!

No they aren’t ― you just aren’t used to styling your hair. When you have extensions, you have to do your hair every day to properly blend the fake and real strands together. Most up-dos are bad ideas because they will reveal the joints of your extensions. Instead, you should experiment with curling and straightening irons to perfect your looks.

9. They Don’t Wash Clean!

Scrubbing your scalp with whatever shampoo is on the shelf is a major no-no. You have to be careful not to pull out hanks of hair, which requires a delicate touch. Additionally, you can only use sulfate-free shampoo, like Biolage KeratinDose, because sulfates can dissolve the adhesives in certain extensions. It is possible to get clean ― it just takes more time in the shower.

10. They Are Visible!

Like we said before, you probably can’t pull your hair into a messy top-bun or high ponytail without showing the world that you have extensions. That said, your extensions might be showing if you have gone too long between salon appointments. If neither are the case, you might need to find a new stylist.

11. They Make My Hair Look Too Good!

Stylists say you have to give your hair a break every six weeks or so to ensure the extra weight doesn’t start causing bald patches on your head. Unfortunately, you won’t like the look of your hair after you see yourself in extensions. The extra volume is too good to lose, and as soon as your break is up, you will be right back in that chair begging for more.