11 Functional Coffee Tables For Your Tiny Apartment


One of the must-have piece of furniture for the living room is the coffee table. Coffee tables can be found in so many versatile styles, sizes and colors, so each one of you can find the right one for your living room. The space available is the first thing to consider when getting a coffee table, because you’ll want to move freely around it. This is really important if your living room is a small one and in such cases you may even look for a functional coffee table. So, today, we have picked several such functional coffee tables that will perfectly into your tiny apartment. Check them out!

The first one on our list for today is this wooden coffee table that expands into a dining one. So, no worries if you don’t have a space for a dining area in your home.

Photo via: resourcefurniture.com

This stacking nesting cable can serve as the perfect coffee table for your living room and you can also store some books in there. You can also separate the pieces and thus have several tiny tables next to each other. Or you can make a cool bookshelf out of them. How amazing, right?

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The following wooden coffee table have built-in features which are perfect for storing your favorite books or magazines.

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This square coffee table may look pretty simple at first glance, but what’s on the inside will definitely surprise you. It offers an extra storage space and also expends which works well when you have more guests.

Photo via: architonic.com

Here is a round coffee table with a sleek design that also feature a storage space underneath. And the best thing of all is that no one will even notice this space.

Photo via: decoracao-facil.blogspot.com

Besides buying a functional coffee table, you can also try to make some. For instance, this one below is made of four wood crates. It looks great and it offers side storage space.

Photo via: upcyclethat.com

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This coffee table’s top pops up and unfolds to double in surface area and offers dining space for six.

Photo via: treehugger.com

The top of this table also unfolds but this time to offer some storage space.

Photo via: chezerbey.com

This tiny coffee table features two cushions underneath, which you can use to sit on.

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Here is one more cool table design that you can use in two ways. If you flip it on the side you can use it as a laptop stand. Or if you put it down then it can serve as a coffee table with a storage space for your books at one end.

Photo via: likecool.com

And here is one more example of a functional coffee table that can be used as a dining one too.

functional coffee tables
Photo via: resourcefurniture.com

So, which one from the above functional coffee tables is perfect for your living room? Tell us in the comments and make sure to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many cool ideas for your home decor inspiration.