11 Paper made Projects


11 Paper made Projects that will help you stop wondering  what to do with all of those magazines, old books, we give you some inspirational ideas how to turn a simple piece of paper int a master piece. Every piece of paper can be used to make whether a decoration for your table, living room, garden, or it can be used to make a simple, yet beautiful envelopes.

These 11 Paper made Projects will give you some new ideas how to make use off the paper you have in excess.

 Paper basket

This basket is made from recycled paper grocery bag. It can potentially have a big variety of uses. It can be used as a flower basket, fruit basket, etc.


 Paper feathers

paper feathers

  A beautiful homemade envelope

It is an excellent idea to wish someone a Happy Birthday. Can be used as a gift card too.


Handcrafted paper roses

Amazing detail for your table decor. Get some old books, use your favorite color and make this wonderful centerpiece.


 Paper blossom

paper blossom


Faceted vase

When paper gets folded in facets it has a modern and unique look. Follow the source link below to find out how to make your faceted vase.



Flowers made from vintage books


Paper star


Paper Christmas tree

You can give Christmas even more Christmas spirit with these paper made Christmas trees.


Cracked eggshell paper dishes

Although these beautiful eggs may look like they are made from porcelain, they are made with papier-mache.


Hidden storage books

You surely have some valuable object that you don’t want to be seen by everybody. This is an idea that will help you solve that problem. Just take some old books, take their covers off ,glue them together and place them among the rest of your collection. It’s the perfect cover for your important letters or even jewelry.