10 Smart Ways To Childproof Your Home


If you have little kids, then you probably know that they can get in trouble real quick. You need to have eyes open wide, to prevent them from getting hurt while going around the home. But besides this, it is also important to make your home safe for kids and today we want to show you how you can achieve this. Below, we have chosen 10 Smart Ways To Childproof Your Home and we are sure that you will find them useful.

These ideas will keep your child’s bruises and bumps to a minimum. Your kids will be able to move freely through your home. And don’t worry, the following hacks won’t cost you much, since most often you will have to repurpose some items that you already have at home. Check them out and do not hesitate to copy these ideas. Enjoy!

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Prevent Bathtime Bruises With Softened Taps

Softened taps are a must have for the bathroom fixtures if you have little kids. They can bond easily to metal and enamel and are waterproof.

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Prevent Kids From Climbing Out Of The Crib

Kids have a tendency to climb out of the crib even when you are not around. So, how about you sew a piece of fabric in between the legs of a onesie and prevent them from getting away from the crib.

no more climbing out of the crib
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Keep Window Cords Out Of Reach

Kids tend to reach cords on curtains and blinds. So, in order to keep them out of reach, you should loop them up and tie with twisty ties. Just make sure not to tie them too high because otherwise you won’t be able to lower the shade all the way down.


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DIY Chalkboard & Magnetic Fireplace Cover

An open fireplace is another dangerous spot for babies and kids. So, block this space with a chalkboard and magnetic board.

chalboard and magnet board
Photo via: sassywifeclassylife.com

Door Latch Using Hair Tie

To keep the cupboard doors latched together use a hair tie. This is a really cheap childproof hack and your kid won’t be able to open them.

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DIY Railing Guard

Kids love putting legs between rails of a staircase and this can be quite dangerous too. So, you better add some railing guard to prevent some accidents.

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Pool Noodle Door Stop

Door stop are a must-have for your home, to prevent your kids from getting their fingers pinched in the door. And the cheapest way to make some is by using a pool noodle.

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Cover Electrical Outlets With Safety Caps

Electrical outlets are another spots in your home that need to be childproof. So, get some safety caps to cover them when not being used.

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Anti-Tip TV And Furniture Straps

Kids frequent time around TV set presents a high risk for TV-related accidents. So, make sure to secure the TV and taller furniture with some straps.

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Cover The Sharp Edges With Foam Pipe Insualtion

The sharp edges of the table or other piece of furniture can cause accidental bumps. So, you should cover them with foam pipe insulation.

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Screening Floor Vents

Kids have a tendency to touch stuff they shouldn’t too. The floor vent is one such spot where they can easily throw some small items. So in order to cut looses, you should screen the floor vents with some tulle.

Photo via: babytoolkit.blogspot.com

DIY No Sew Door Muff

One such door muff is a must have. This will prevent to accidentally slam the door when the kids are sleeping.

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These childproof hacks are just some of the many that you need to be familiar with and thus keep your home safe for kids. Tell us in the comments which one of them did you find the most useful. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other hacks that will make your life easier.