11 Strategies to Clean Your House Efficiently and Faster


You might not be the best housekeeper. Additionally, you might be extremely busy to even attempt cleaning your house. Fortunately, as a chore, cleaning the house should not take ages. As long as you apply the following tips, you should be good to go. That is for sure.

Tip #1: Have a schedule and stick to it

You should set aside a specific time in order to get all your chores done. That means that you need to set up a habitual cleaning schedule. Professional cleaning service never quit until they finish their job.

Tip #2: Find a Motivator

Using motivators goes miles in preventing distraction as well as heading off boredom. For instance, you can play your favorite upbeat music. Alternatively, you can listen to an audio book. Doing that will make you feel as though you are accomplishing two tasks simultaneously.
Tip #3: Dress for the occasion

Similar to professional cleaners, you need to dress in washable and comfortable clothing that’s designed for the work you’re about to do. You must put on supportive shoes as well as kneepads. Gloves and goggles are effective at protecting you against chemicals. Get rid of the bleach-stained sweatshirts and put on a clean uniform, which includes eye protection, gloves, and shoes.

Tip #4: Keep all your cleaning supplies in an expedient location

Cleaning supplies such as mops, detergents, or refreshers should always strategically placed. After reading spin mop reviews and landing the best one in the market, you should put it in a convenient location. The last thing you want is to always go downstairs each time you want to clean the bathroom upstairs. If the store cleaner is located beneath the sink, you’ll definitely not clean it as often as you need to. If you want to clean your house faster and efficiently, convenience is of huge importance.

Tip #5: Clean up any mess immediately it happens

It’s very easy to clean messes when they have not set in or changed into grime. Actually, it’s more effortless and quicker when you’ll be cleaning your house later. Have the kids left muddy prints on your bathroom counter? If that’s the case, then you should clean the mess right away.

Tip #6: Start with the high traffic rooms

You shouldn’t bother picking up and/or cleaning the kid’s bedrooms when your living room is the more visible room. Always prioritize. While at it, remember the first tip about has a timing limit.

Tip #7: The primary thing to do is to declutter

You need to grab the trash bag and throw all the stuff away. Have your child’s toy being lying on the floor ten times in a row? If yes, then you certainly need to trash it. Always use an empty box or empty laundry basket to put stuff in which belongs to a different room.

Tip #8: Top to bottom should be the way to go

When handling your cleaning, you need to begin from the top as you work your way down. For instance, rather than starting with vacuuming the floor and then dusting the tv, do it the other way round. Anything contrary to that will result in you ending up with dirt even in the areas you just cleaned.

Tip #9: Combine sweeping with vacuuming

Isn’t it amazing how a quick vacuum or sweep can transform your room? Immediately you do these two, it makes things look much cleaner and nicer. In fact, they are more effective at transforming your room compared to any amount of scrubbing of your counters, walls or even sinks.

Tip #10: Clean your trashcan

Save that you might be having a small trash can which can hide beneath your fancy stainless steel trashcan or kitchen sink, a kitchen trash can gets covered in grime and food real quick. For that reason, ensure that clean your trash can.

Tip #11: Get everyone involved

By getting everyone on board, you’ll be able to have many hands doing different tasks. That go mile in saving you cleaning time.

In summary

Cleaning your house shouldn’t take ages as many people claim. You can take minimal time and still be efficient. All you need to do is consider or employ the above tips the next time you’re cleaning.

Written by Robert Green from www.greenhousecenter.net, where offers help, information, advice and tips to make your house green.