12 Things That Can Do Wrong To Your Nails


Maintaining the beauty of nails is an essential part of our beauty regimes. We all are aware of the fact that things like biting the nails or removing the nail polish in wrong way cause damage to the appearance as well as health of the nails. However, there are many other things that we do are capable of causing harm to them. Let us have a look at them in detail, so that you will avoid doing those things from next time onwards.

  • Applying nail polish without washing the hands- You might have noticed nail technicians applying nail remover on your nails before painting them, even if you do not have polish on them. This is done to get rid of the natural oils transferred to nails from finger tips as these oils prevent the polish from adhering perfectly. So, it is imperative to wash your hands properly before applying polish on them in order to remove the oils.
  • Filing in different directions- If you make use of nail file in wrong way, chances are that your nails will break or chip. The right way to use it is to run it on the nail in one direction. You must start from the edge and pull it towards the center.
  • Not buffing the nails- Buffing of nail is similar to brushing the teeth. This helps in clearing the natural oils and brightening the nails. If you ignore doing this, the natural oils in your nails can build up and as a result they become soft and peel while doing manicure.
  • Forgetting to scale off cuticles- Many of us think that cuticle oils and removers are same and hence one should keep on using oils. However, both these things are different. Cuticle oil is used for moisturizing while cuticle remover is for removing the dead skin, so it is important to use it for scaling off dead skin.
  • Not applying base coat- It is crucial to start of your manicure with best quality base coat for safeguarding your nail from stains. It also helps to strengthen your nails and you can smoothly apply the polish. By not applying the base coat, you somehow compromise with the health of the nails. Take a look online where you can find the right base coat on sites like Coteshop.
  • Using excess of polish- If you apply excess of polish on your nail, it takes a long time to dry and finish looks rough. We all have this habit of taking too much polish on the brush and give many strokes. It is a wrong technique. You must take the required amount of polish on the brush and conceal entire nail in one coat.
  • Applying the coats in quick succession- You have to wait for at least a minute or two before applying another coat of the polish. If you take one of the nail polish bottles and start applying the coats one after the other without waiting, the solvents in the polish do not get evaporated making your nails dry.
  • Giving a miss to topcoat- Sometimes, we are in a hurry and hence compromise with the topcoat. Giving a miss to topcoat results in your polish not lasting for long. Sometimes, even if we apply the topcoat, it is not done in a proper way. This makes it ridge as it dries. So, it is necessary to spend time on applying the topcoat properly.
  • Not closing up the nail edges- Most of the imperfections show off at the tip of nails and still we ignore these parts. It is recommended to close the edges by giving little bit extra topcoat to get a better finish.
  • Avoid cleaning cuticles- While applying the polish it is spread on the sides and edges of cuticles. So, once you finish applying the topcoat, it is necessary to clean the cuticles with the help of nail polish remover.
  • Putting your hands in cold water after applying polish- This is done by many women to dry off the polish quickly. It just gives you the impression that the polish is drying faster; but in reality, it changes the consistency of the polish. The fact is that, nothing can make the nail polish dry faster; it takes its time to dry naturally.
  • Peeling of the polish- When you peel off the gel polish applied on the nails, you remove the layers of your nail also. So, you have to be very careful about removing the polish and have to use the appropriate procedure for the same.

These are the things we should not do as they can cause harm to our nails. If you keep on repeating them, then you only empty nail polish bottle risking the health of your nails. So, be careful next time and avoid doing these things.