12 Travel Tips for the Working Woman That are Sometimes Overlooked


If you are a woman who must travel for business, you need to always be on the lookout for tops and tactics that will make the whole process easier and more efficient. These are some times, including ones that are routinely overlooked, that can make business travel easier for you.

Be Loyal to One Airline

Select one airline and be as loyal as possible to it. By being loyal to one airline, you will begin at see perks that make business travel far more tenable. These include everything from free upgrades, and priority for those upgrades, to quickly amassing beneficial airline miles.

Get TSA Pre and Global Entry

Apply for Global Entry. If you get approved for Global Entry, you are automatically accepted into TSA Pre. With Global Entry, you skip long passport control lines when returning to the United States. With TSA Pre, you don’t have to take off your shoes and you don’t have to take your laptop out of your bag at security. You also get to use special shorter, faster security line. Finally, you don’t have to walk through the invasive scanner that exposes you more than you may like.

If You Think Your Bag is Overweight, Check-in at Curbside

One trick to bear in mind involves the weight of your luggage. If you think your bag is overweight, check-in at curbside. The reality is that those people working curbside check-in tend to be a bit more sympathetic. They also get tips, and know that if they cut a traveler like you some slack regarding the weight of a bag, you might be more generous with a tip — as you should be.

Wear Your Bulkiest Shoes on the Plane

By wearing your bulkiest shoes on the plane, you open up more space in your suitcase for something else. Keep in mind that most women (and men) overdo when it comes to packing shoes. You will likely need less in the way of shoes that you may initially be inclined to pack.

Remove Rings (and Possible Bracelets) When on Board

Because of the change in cabin pressure as you go aloft, your fingers and limbs very well may swell. If you leave rings (and even bracelets) on, you may find yourself wearing items that are uncomfortably constricting. Of course, make sure you stow these things in a safe place, like a pocket in clothing you are wearing.

Bring Earplugs and an Eye Mask

Sleep is important when you travel. You can never be absolutely certain what the atmosphere of your destination hotel will be, including how dark and quiet it gets at night. To play it safe, pack earplugs and an eye mask.

Avoid Alcohol on the Plane

You may enjoy a drink from time to time. You may feel like a drink onboard an airplane calms your nerves. That may be true. However, at least think twice about drinking onboard a plane. Alcohol dehydrates you, and you’re already getting dehydrated in the airplane cabin anyway. Also, alcohol makes you groggy and that can negatively impact you while traveling to your destination or back home.

Bring Your Own Snacks

Pack your own snacks, both for your flight and for your stay at a particular destination. You save money when you pack your own snacks. Moreover, you have a better ability to maintain a healthier diet by packing your own snacks rather than rolling the dice and accessing whatever might be in your path on your business trip.

Get a Mini-Umbrella

No matter where you are headed, you can never be absolutely certain about the weather. Thus, invest in a sturdy, well crafted mini-umbrella. If bad weather rolls in, you’ll be glad that you’re not scrambling looking for cover.

Get a Travel Steamer

There at good quality, dependable, and affordable travel steamers on the market today. Consider investing in one before your next business trip.

Get Noise Canceling Headphones

Yes, noise canceling headphones are a bit more expensive than the standard fare. But, they are absolutely worth it if you’re on a crowded flight. They really do help tune out the “stuff” around you, making your travels immensely more enjoyable.

Tidy Up Your House Before You Depart

Oftentimes, a person leaving on a business trip leaves her house in a bit of mess. Consider tidying up before you leave for your trip. This doesn’t mean a deep clean, but get things in decent order. There is something truly pleasant about coming home to a house that relatively neat and clean, as opposed to a full on disaster.


Jessica Kane is a professional blogger who focuses on personal finance and other money matters. She currently writes for Checkworks.com, where you can get personal checks and business checks.