12 Unique Facts About Australia


There are innumerable factors that make the country of Australia unique by itself. Be it the people, it’s landscape and topography amongst many other things, it is also the sixth largest country in the world apart from being an island continent as well. It’s sheer amazing diversification of flora and fauna is almost second to none, with the exception of probably certain parts of Africa and the Amazon. And for all you beach lovers out there, it has the most number of beaches as compared to any other place in the world! Then again, being an island continent, that shouldn’t really come as much of a surprise.

  • Some species are still awaiting discovery: A great deal of scientists have speculated that a good three quarters of the total number of species in Australia are yet to be discovered and classified.
  • Kangaroos are more numerous than people: Yes, believe it or not that is true.
  • The weirdest river name: One of the rivers is called the Never Never River. Yes, look it up.
  • The concept of New Australia: In one of the most bizarre cases, dreaming of creating a supposedly utopian society hundreds of people left Australia in 1892 to create New Australia, which was in the middle of Paraguay!
  • A biting plant: Although unusual flora and fauna is no stranger to the Land Down Under, a certain plant by the name of stinging bush can make you throw up just by touching it.
  • Melbourne’s other name: This is for all the Batman fans out there. Hold onto your horses – Melbourne actually used to be called Batmania once upon a time!
  • Its Claims Over Antarctica: Among many other countries worldwide, Australia has claimed the largest chunk of Antarctica for itself spanning across 5.8 million square km.
  • From hardly any rabbits to rabbit haven: Back in 1859, 22 rabbits were introduced into the wilderness of Australia. After a mere decade, the number of rats across the island continent almost exponentially shot up to 2 million.
  • The world’s longest highway: Yes, namely Highway 1 which is a whopping 14,500 km long encircling the entire country.
  • The weirdest name for a mountain: The mountain is called Mt. Disappoint simply because after reaching the summit, the explorers felt let down by its average view. Talk about quirky indeed.
  • The world’s largest cattle rauch: Not only is Anna Creek Station the world’s largest cattle ranch, but it is also bigger than the entirety of Israel! Just let that sink in for a while.
  • Funny history with camels: Not only does Australia export camels to Saudi Arabia, but there was this crazy instance when 6000 camels converged upon the town of Docker River in desperate search of water.

All sorts of services are also available across the board from getting a camel of your own to the provision of Skip bins in Adelaide. In spite of the fact that there are numerous aspects that make a place unique for what it is, Australia still stands out are one of the most unique places out there. If you call yourself an avid traveller, you certainly owe it to yourself to visit this fascinating continent as soon as possible if you haven’t already.