13 Packing Hacks You Need To Know For Your Summer Vacation

13 Packing Hacks You Need To Know For Your Summer Vacation

It is summer time so everyone is making plans for a vacation. And there is nothing wrong when it comes to a vacation time, except for packing. We are all having trouble to put all the stuff we need in a suitcase, especially if we have to travel by plane and we need to pay attention to the weight limit. That is why we have chosen 13 Packing Hacks You Need To Know For Your Summer Vacation. You will for sure find them useful for this year’s vacation.

So, go ahead and check them out. Enjoy!

Use An Empty Pill Bottle For Some Shampoo/Conditioner

No one wants to carry a whole bottle of shampoo or a conditioner, so use an empty pill bottle that you have at home to fill it with these.

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Put Some Q-tips In An Empty Pill Bottle Too

Also, the many pill bottles you have, can be used in many ways, so putting some q-tips it is the right choice for your vacation.

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Use A Contact Lens Holder As A Makeup Storage

If you have an old contact lens holder, fill it with your concealer or other liquid makeup that you will need for your vacation.

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Use A Cotton Pad To Prevent Makeup Breaking

Sometimes, when transporting your suitcase from one place to another, your makeup can be broken, so use a cotton pad to prevent makeup breaking.

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Use A Binder Clip To Secure Your Razor

A binder clip has many uses and the one that you should use when packing is to secure your razor.

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Store Your Jewelry In Medicine Boxes

You definitely cannot go anywhere without some jewelry, so to prevent losing it or breaking it, put it in medicine boxes.

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Hide Emergency Money In An Empty Chopstick

Every traveler needs some emergency money, in case something wrong happens, so try to use an empty chopstick to hide your emergency money.

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Use A Sunglasses Case To Store Loose Cords

Placing the electric cords in a sunglasses case is the right way to prevent them from getting tangled and crushed.

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To Prevent Leaking Put A Plastic Wrap Over The Openings Of Toiletries

Carrying bottles in your suitcase can be a little bit risky, because they may leak. But if you use a plastic wrap over the openings of toiletries you can prevent the leaking.

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Put A Belt Into A Shirt Collar

If you want to keep your shirt collar neat, try to put a rolled belt into it.

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Place A Dryer Sheet In Your Suitcase To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

No one wants smelly clothes, but sometimes being too long in the suitcase can provoke a bad smell. So to solve this tiny problem, place a dryer sheet in your suitcase and your clothes will smell fresh.

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Place Your Shoes In A Shower Cap

To prevent your shoes of dirtying your clothes, place them in a shower cap.

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Roll Your Clothes To Save More Space and Avoid Wrinkles

No matter how good you fold your clothes you will not get an extra space better than if you roll your clothes. Also your clothes won’t get wrinkled when being rolled. Try it!

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