13 Unbelievable Dusting Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind


Keeping your home clean means that you need to keep it dust free. And although you may clean the dust quite often, there are still some spots in the home that seem to be unreachable. But since there is a solution for everything, today, we would like to show you how you can make dusting quicker and easier. Below we have chosen 13 Unbelievable Dusting Hacks that will for sure change the way you clean. Check them out!

How To Clean Vents

Vents can get so dirty and you may find it tricky to clean them. So, first, you should remove the vents and wash them with some soapy water. Let the vents dry completely and then apply wax on them, just like you would when waxing the car. When the vent has been completely covered, buff off the wax. This will keep them clean longer and you can do the cleaning much easier and quicker.

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How To Dust Lamp Shades

The easiest way to clean the lamp shades is of course with a lint roller. Simply roll the lint roller all over the shade and watch the dust coming off. Change the roller tape after it fills with dust, since it loses the stickiness that pulls the dust from the shade.

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How To Dust Baseboards

The right way to dust the baseboards is to wipe them with a dryer sheet. This keeps them cleaner than using the vacuum.

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How To Remove Dust From Keyboard

Use a magic eraser to remove dust from keyboard. This will also remove the icky ground-in oil and dirt off the keys.

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How To Clean A Dusty Exhaust Fan

If the grille on your bathroom exhaust fan is clogged with dust, turn on the fan and blast out the dust with canned air. The fan will blow the dust outside in a minute. And you can find such canned air at home centers and hardware stores.

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How To Clean Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans should be cleaned with an old pillowcase. Open the pillowcase and cover one blade at a time. Use the pillowcase as the rag and wipe down each blade from middle to end. It is so easy and there will be no dirt on the bed or all over you head.

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Swift Dust Socks

You can clean dust easier if you put a fuzzy chenille sock on the Swiffer. This is a cheaper way to replacing the pads. And once you are done, wash the sock and reuse it.

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How To Dust Blinds

The window blinds can catch a lot of dust and getting it off can be a quite time consuming. So in order to clean them easily you will need tongs, two microfiber dust cloths and four rubber bands. Wrap the dust cloths around each side of the tongs and secure with two rubber bands a piece. Clasp the tongs around each blind and look how the dust comes off.


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How To Dust Light Bulbs

The right way to dust light bulbs is with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol.

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Dusting Hacks For Hardly Reachable Spots

You should definitely try this hack. Simply add a microfiber cloth to a broom with a rubber band to dust hardly reachable spots. This could be also good for dusting floors and furniture.

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How To Dust Laptop Or TV Screens

Laptop or TV screens attract dust easily, so the right way to dust them is with a coffee filter. This is because coffee filters are made of disposable paper bits, making them a perfect duster.

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Make A No-Sew Reusable Duster

If you need a duster with a little more surface area you can try to make some. One such duster is perfect for all those cracks and crevices. Here is a step-by-step tutorial of how to do it.

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How To Clean Vacuum Filters

And the last dusting hack on our list for today is of how to clean a vacuum filter. Well, the easiest way is to put it in the dishwasher.  First tap the filter a few times to get the extra dust and allergens out and then toss it in the dishwasher with one dishwasher soap pods.

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The above dusting hacks will definitely change the way you clean. So, make sure that you share them with your friends to help them dust their homes too. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other hacks, tips and tricks that will make your life easier.