13 Of The World’s Most Exclusive Nightclubs

13 Of The World's Most Exclusive Nightclubs

People enjoy going to nightclubs because they enjoy dancing, meeting new people and having fun. There are so many different nightclubs all around the world, but the one that will for sure blow your mind are the most exclusive and luxurious. For that reason, we prepared a list for you with 13 Of  The World’s Most Exclusive Nightclubs.

These nightclubs have certain things in common: they are incredibly rich and luxurious, and they give you the chance to party in style till the sun comes up. The drinks are super expensive, so be prepared to pay a lot of money. And since they are popular, make sure you have a reservation, otherwise you will not have a table or maybe even not get in. These nightclubs have unique features like pools, special stages, a location on the beach or on a rooftop. So, go ahead and check them out. And if you still haven’t had the chance to visit just one of them, make sure you do. You will have the time of your life. Enjoy!

XS Club, Las Vegas

Photo via: wynnlasvegas.com

LIV Club, Miami

Photo via: livnightclub.com

Cavalli Club, Dubai

Photo via: dubai.cavalliclub.com

Hakkassan, Las Vegas

Photo via: hakkasanlv.com

Privilege, Ibiza, Spain

Photo via: essentialibiza.com

Cocoon Club, Frankfurt, Germany

Photo via: quoteko.com

Halikarnas, Turkey

Photo via: halikarnas.com.tr

Movida, London

Photo via: movida-london.com

Pacha, Ibiza, Spain

Photo via: top100clubs.com

Premier Lounge, Moscow, Russia

Photo via: timeout.ru

Chlosterli Club, Switzerland

Photo via: cityneversleeps.com

Club Aquarium, UK

Photo via: yoninja.com

Pangaea, Singapore

Photo via: pangaea.sg