14 Smart Ways To Repurpose Changing Tables You Should Not Miss


A changing table is a piece of nursery furniture with a short lifespan, and once your kid’s diaper days are gone you will no longer have to use it. And you may either choose to throw it away or maybe even try to repurpose it in some other way. Today, we are bringing to you 14 Smart Ways To Repurpose Changing Tables and we hope that they will get you inspired of what to do with that changing table.  Check them out and let us know in the comments which one of these ideas you will choose to copy. Enjoy!

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One way to repurpose the changing table is to turn it into a desk that your kids can use it when they are older.

Photo via: thriftdiving.com

Driving Dresser

The changing table can be also turned into a driving dresser, where your kids can have fun driving their cars on and then store them in the drawers when they are done playing.

Driving Dresser
Photo via: remodelaholic.com

Playroom Makeover

The changing table can be also used for storing all those cars, trucks and other play vehicles that your kids have.

Photo via: lovegrowswild.com

Ice Cream Parlor

The changing table can be also turned into an ice cream parlor, where your little girl can have some pretend play time.

before and after
Photo via: sisterssuitcaseblog.com

Kitchen Island

And in case you are missing a kitchen island in your kitchen, get that changing table and turn it into a mini kitchen island.

changing table to kitchen island
Photo via: hometalk.com

Play Kitchen

Besides ice cram parlor, you can also turn the changing table into a play kitchen, where your little one can pretend cooking.

play ktichen narrow front
Photo via: shopbonnenouvelle.blogspot.com

Party Table

If you are hosting some party, then you may use the changing table as a party table for storing all those party supplies.

Photo via: pamspartyandpracticaltips.com

Toys And Book Storage

If you are missing some storage space for your kid’s toys and books, use the changing table as a storage solution.

Photo via: designtar.com

Bar Cart

Repaint the changing table, add some mirrored top and a shag rag to create a fancy bar cart.

bar cart
Photo via: mydomaine.com

Potting Bench

Place the changing table close to a garden hose and spigot and you have a potting station for plants.

Photo via: thewhoot.com.au

Dress Up Station

Another way to repurpose the changing table is to add a curtain rod on the top where you can hang the dress-up clothes.

dress up station
Photo via: lifecreativelyorganized.com

Reading Nook

You can also turn the changing table into a reading nook. Turn the top into a comfortable bench and use the place underneath to store the books in baskets.

Photo via: onecrazyhouse.com

Changing Table To Media Console

Another way to repurpose the changing table is to turn it into a media console. Spray paint it silver and thus make it look more expensive.

playroom1 (1)
Photo via: remodelaholic.com

Landing Pad

We all need some storage space in the entryway for leaving certain items that we usually pick up before leaving our homes, so the changing table can be placed over there to hold some baskets for storage.

landing pad changing tables
Photo via: janecoslick.blogspot.com

So, which one from the above ideas will you choose to copy and thus repurpose the changing table? Tell us in the comments and of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other smart ideas of how to some of the items that you no longer use.