14 Useful DIY Ideas for Jewelry Stand

A jewelry is an important part of a beauty and femininity of a woman. Every woman has a lot of that in her home. And if you are female you know how much is important your jewelry to be in the same place, to be organized and to reach.

On the other side you have an old things in home which are usefulness and you want to get rid. WAIT! Here are some ideas how to use that old staffs to make a wonderful jewelry stands and organizers.

Vintage Drawer Jewelry Organize

Using an old wood piece you can make a jewelry stand whit a 2 different kinds of hooks to hang a lot of diffrent kands of jewelry.


DVD Jewelry Organizer

You don’t use a DVD rock anymore? Than use it for hanging  your jewelry on it. Every piece of it will be on a display.



 jewelry stand

It is an creative idea how to make a jewelry stand. All you need are tree slice, old spindles from the back of a thrift ed chair, flat copper wire, finishing nails and a wood glue.


Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

Instead to rid the old picture, use it for making yourself a jewelry organizer. It can be what color you want and with a hooks how many you want.


Rustic jewelry stand

Change the whole atmosphere at home with this kind of a jewelry stand.


Kitchen grater like jewelry stand

Make a kitschy and cool earring holder just with a little turquoise spray paint, some brass hooks and an old kitchen grater.



Wooden clothes hangers for jewelry stand

I think it’s the easiest why to organizes and displaying your jewelry.



 Terra Cotta Jewelry Stand

You will be surprised how easy is to make this kind of jewelry stand. it’s also takes minimal supplies and you can use it not just for keeping jewelry on it.



Travel Jewelry Organizer

If you want to travel around  the world this is what you need. Look wonderful wherever you are!



Jewelry Organize Tree

Decorate your home and make your jewelry on a display at the same time.



Ruby Red Jewelry Organizer

Organized your bracelet, earrings and necklaces into a part of art.



Earring Holder Display

Make a stand of earrings in a form of earring. It’s unique.




Jewelry Box/Ring Holder

Use any box you have and any cloth you want and make a wonderful box for holding rings.



Jewelry Case

If you have a little more time make this jewelry case for you. You can organized and keep all your jewelry in it.


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