15 Amazing Driftwood Floor Lamps That Will Make You Say WOW


Floor lamps are one of the must-have decorations for your home. They are great additional lighting fixtures for any part of your home. And since they can be found in so many versatile designs, shapes and sizes, you will for sure find the ones that can fit in your home decor. Or you may even choose some unique design that will pop out from the rest of your home decor, like a driftwood design. Driftwood floor lamps are really unique and besides being functional, they can serve as great work of art.

The impressive texture of the driftwood can be quite eye-catching and when some light is woven through it, it makes it look even more stunning. Designers have come up with many such cool designs of driftwood floor lamps. Some of them contain only sticks of driftwood, others use driftwood for the base and are combined with some cool lamp shade. Also, there are many options to make one such lamp on your own if you are in the mood of being creative. Go ahead now and see our collection of such unique lamps and get inspired to add some such lamp in your home too. Enjoy!

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15 Amazing Driftwood Floor Lamps

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Photo via: conniehogarth.org

As you can notice, these lamps are quite impressive, and even though they are often placed in the corner of the room, they again make a statement. Driftwood may associate you to a rustic style, but these floor lamps can be part of any home decor, including modern, minimalist, Scandinavian, industrial etc.

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The natural look of the driftwood adds a warm touch to your home. And although it can go well with any color scheme, you can also find some lamps with painted driftwood. So, whether you need a black or white lamp, you can find one or maybe even you can try to repaint some.

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driftwood floor lamps
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So, which one from the above driftwood floor lamps did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and choose to add one such lamp in your home. And of course, stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other cool decor ideas for your home decor inspiration.