15 Bathrooms With Skylights That You Need To See


The lighting is an important part of every home decor. When it is chosen the appropriate one, it can change the dull look of a room into a cheerful one. This is most often achieved with a combo of focused and recessed lighting. However, if there is natural lighting in the room, it can make it look bright and airy. So, the more natural lighting in the room the better. Floor-to-ceiling windows are the best source for getting more natural lighting, but also skylights can be another such source for brightening up the room.

Skylights are usually found in living rooms or bedrooms, but these doesn’t have to be rule and they can be found in bathrooms too. They are like windows that open up the roof towards the sky, and as such can fit in well with the existing bathroom.  A skylight can change the look of the bathroom and accentuate the necessary features without disturbing the theme or the style of the bathroom. It can make the room appear more airy, which cannot be achieved with a simple pendant light or chandelier. Here are several bathrooms with skylights that may get you inspired to incorporate some skylight into your bathroom too.

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attic bathroom
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bathrooms with skylights
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Some bathrooms are too small for having a large skylight. It is important that the windows can be opened so that you can get a good ventilation in the bathroom. If the bathroom has a pitched roof, it is better to go for double skylights that meet in the middle at the apex of the room.

bathroom design
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skylight bathroom
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luxury white master bathroom
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grey bathroom design
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Besides being practical, skylights can be quite eye-catching and thus fill the room with architectural beauty. The placement of the skylight is more important than its size and design, so don’t assume that the bigger skylight is always a better choice. If dark shades are dominant in the bathroom, a cleverly placed skylight can offset the visual impact with effortless ease. The skylight in the bathroom can have a spa-feel on you. You will enjoy every minute spent in there and will look at the wonderful shades of the sunset or the stars as you take a refreshing dip.

modern bathroom
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dream bathroom
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round bathtub
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Natural lighting plays an important part of every home decor, so make sure you have more of it. Skylights are just one more source for getting more natural light in the room, so if you have a chance to incorporate some in your bathroom, do not hesitate to do it. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other interior design ideas for your lovely home decor.