15 Breathtaking Glass Floor Ideas For An Original Interior Decor


Can you guess what’s the extra modern thing you could implement in your home which will make it look unique and original, and not even similarly close like any other home? It’s a glass floor. Yeah, you read right. In the years that went by walking on glass was considered to be extremely dangerous and scary thing to do, but now the new technologies are developing new types of glass, and make it a great feature to use in our interior decors. As soon as you take a look at the photos below you’ll want a glass floor in your home. Take a look at 15 Breathtaking Glass Floor Ideas For An Original Interior Decor.

With glass floors, or glass ceilings, depends on where is your standing point, you can bring daylight to the darkest parts of your home and turn dark interiors into bright. You can choose between clear or translucent glass, in accordance with your preferences to what do you want to be seen below them. Let the photos here serve you as an inspiration for installing a glass floor in your home! You’re going to love it! Glass floors are always a good idea if you want to refresh your interior decor and give it a completely different look.

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