15 Clever Opening Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier


Have you ever been in a situation when you don’t have the right opener for a wine bottle, or maybe the right opener for that delicious sweet corn can? You must admit you had, because these are situations that can happen to everyone of us and knowing some clever opening tricks will definitely make our lives easier.

They are definitely many of them and the ones that you will see below, will for sure get you covered for all kind of opening troubles, including different types of bottles, cans, jars etc. You will be surprised of what kind of everyday items you can use for such purposes.

You will also find out how to make a spare key out of a tin can top.

opening tricks

This trick is quite amazing and easy to be done and will also save you some time and money for not asking someone else to make you a new key. Go on now and check the video below and let us know which one of these opening tricks did you like the best. Enjoy!

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