15 DIY Rope Projects That You Can Easily Do In Your Free Time


Hey DIY lovers, are you looking for some creative ideas of how to do something on your own? If you are, then you are on the right place for that, because we are constantly updating many DIY ideas that you can find as an inspiration. Today, we have chosen 15 DIY Rope Projects That You Can Easily Do In Your Free Time and we hope that you will like them.

Rope is an inexpensive material that can be used in so many different ways. You can use it to wrap up some plain items and thus give them a new look, or you can create some stuff only by using a rope. The following ideas will get you covered for both of these type of uses. Check them out and choose which one of these rope projects you will try to do. Enjoy!

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DIY Rope Hurricane Vase

A plain glass vase can look quite boring, so how about you wrap up the bottom with some rope?


rope vase
Photo via: apumpkinandaprincess.com

DIY Sisal Shade

If you think that the lamp on the nightstand needs a makeover, then get some sisal rope and change it from white shade to sisal one.

diy sisal shade
Photo via: sandandsisal.com

Rope Wrapped Bar Stool

Some plain stools can be easily changed when covered with some rope and here is a guide of how you can do it.

rope chair
Photo via: apartmenttherapy.com

No-Sew Rope Bowl

And as we have already said above, you can create some stuff only with the use of rope and this bowl is just one of the many such things.

no sew rope bowl
Photo via: brit.co

DIY Rope Nautical Wreath

Wreaths are great decor for your front door, so you may try to make some out of rope for the summer time.

Nautical Rope Wreath
Photo via: howtonestforless.com

DIY Colorful Rope Coasters

Make these colorful rope coasters, so that your guests can rest their beverages on.

Photo via: mamalatinatips.com

DIY Rope Wrapped Side Table

There are many possible ways of how to make a side table and the following pictorial is an example of how to make one with the use of rope.

rope wrapped table
Photo via: apartmenttherapy.com

DIY Nautical Rope Vase

Here is one more idea of how to make vase with the use of rope, but this time the glass vase is totally wrapped up with a rope.

DIY Rope Wrapped Vase
Photo via: julieblanner.com

DIY Color Blocked Coiled Rope Basket

Here is one more way of how to make some new stuff out of a rope.

colorblocked rope basket
Photo via: designsponge.com

Rope Wrapped & Painted Terracotta Pots

There are many possible ways to decorate the plain terracotta pots and one of them can be to wrap them up with some rope.

rope wrapped terracotta pots
Photo via: housebyhoff.com

Rope Knot Table Lamp

Here is an easy tutorial of how to make a pretty unique table lamp.

rope knot table lamp
Photo via: downhomeinspiration.com

No Sew Rope Coil Basket

Get some galvanized basket and use it co create a rope coil basket.

diy basket
Photo via: aliceandlois.com

DIY Rope Flower Frame

Rope can be also used to decorate a plain picture frame. Spice it up with some flower too.

DIY Rope Flower Frame
Photo via: polishedhabitat.com

DIY Easy Rope Wrapped Candle Holder

A rope can be also used to make a nautical inspired candle holder.

DIY Easy Rope Wrapped Candle Holder
Photo via: mintedstrawberry.blogspot.com

DIY Coastal Rope Mirror Makeover

And the last rope project on our list for today is of how to give a new look to the plain mirror frame.

Photo via: atthepicketfence.com

So, which one from the above DIY rope projects you will try to do in your free time? Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with us to find many other DIY projects you can easily do.