15 Easy-To-Make DIY Stools For Everyone’s Taste


Stools are the must-have piece of furniture for every home, because they can be really useful. You can place them next to the kitchen island, next to to the bed in the bedroom serving as a nightstand, next to the desk in the home office or maybe somewhere aside in the living room. They can be found in versatile styles, sizes and colors and also there are many possible ways to make some on your own. Today, we are bringing to you a collection of 15 Easy-To-Make DIY Stools that may get you inspired to make some stool instead of buying a new one.

These DIY stools are quite versatile, so you will for sure find one that can fit into your home decor. We have chosen them in the form of step-by-step tutorials, so that each one of you can do it easily. Choose to take a plain wood chair and make it look less boring by drawing some interesting pattern on it. Also, you can try to make some stool out of concrete, or maybe with the use of wood log. Or if you want to create some fancy stool, get some furry material and use it to cover the seat. Scroll down now to see how you can make the above mentioned stool designs, as well as many others, and choose which one you will try to make first. Enjoy!

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Painted Children’s Stool With Stenciled Letters

painted stool
Photo via: hellowonderful.co

DIY Wood Stool For Bathroom

wood stool
Photo via: julieblanner.com

Brush Stroke Art Stool Makeover

brush stroke art stool makeover
Photo via: deliciousanddiy.com

DIY IKEA Hack Cork Stool

ikea hack cork stool
Photo via: annamarialarsson.se

DIY Concrete Stool

diy concrete stool
Photo via: thecasualcraftlete.com

Painted Wood Log Stool

wood log stool
Photo via: decopeques.com

DIY Rope Stool

diy rope stool
Photo via: bungalowm.com

DIY Painted Step Stool

painted step stool
Photo via: spoonfulofimagination.com

Stripe Painted Stools

striped painted stools
Photo via: junkee.com

DIY Twill Woven Stool

DIY Twill Woven Stool
Photo via: junkee.com

Redo A Funky Vintage Footstool

Photo via: curbly.com

Make A Stool With Bucket

make a stool with bucket

DIY Electrical Spool Stools

DIY Electrical Spool Stools
Photo via: thedecorfix.com

DIY Reupholstered Stool

Photo via: aliceandlois.com

Furry Stool With Gold Legs

furry stool
Photo via: abeautifulmess.com

These were the 15 Easy-To-Make DIY Stools that we have chosen for you today and we hope that you liked them. You will definitely need a stool or several of them in different parts of your home, so instead of buying new ones, try to make some on your own. Tell us in the comments which one from the above DIY stools did you like the best. And of course, don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer to find many other DIY projects that you can do in your free time.