15 Impressive Sandal Makeovers You Should Give It A Try


The hot weather is here, so we all try to wear lighter clothes and shoes. And when it comes to shoes, there is nothing more comfortable to wear during the hot summer days, than a pair of flat sandals. They keep our feet cool and also because of being comfortable, they can be worn all day long. And since most of you cannot stand still with having just one single pair of sandals, why don’t you buy yourself a new pair of sandals but also try to do some by yourself. For that purpose, today we are bringing to you 15 Impressive Sandal Makeovers that you should give it a try.

The following DIY projects are quite versatile and we are sure that you will find the desired makeover for your summer sandals. Whether you want to add some embellishments, like rhinestones, studs, bows, fringe,  pom poms, chains or tassels, or you want to do make some gladiator sandals by yourself, we have got you covered with the following DIY project ideas. They are so easy to be done and also they won’t cost you much. So, scroll down to see the above mentioned sandal makeovers as well as several others and choose which one you will try to do. Follow the steps on the pictorials precisely, or for those that doesn’t have a step-by-step pictorial follow the links to get to the full tutorials. Enjoy!

DIY Metal Plate Sandals

Full tutorial: blog.justfab.com

DIY Lovely Pom Pom Sandals

Full tutorial: handmadecharlotte.com

DIY Embellished Sandals

Full tutorial: trinketsinbloom.com

DIY Friendship Gladiator Sandals

Full tutorial: momspark.net

DIY Studded Sandals

Full tutorial: apairandasparediy.com

DIY Marni Inspired Embellished Sandals

DIY Marni inspired embellished sandals
Full tutorial: cinnamonspring.com

DIY Rhinestone Sandals

DIY rhinestone sandals
Full tutorial: cinnamonspring.com

DIY Tassel Greek Sandals

Full tutorial: honestlywtf.com

DIY Chain Embellished Sandals

Full tutorial: apairandasparediy.com

DIY Embellished Sport Sandals

Full tutorial: lovemaegan.com

DIY Ribbon Bow T-Strap Sandals

Photo via: sprinklesinsprings.com

DIY Leather Fringe Sandals

Full tutorial: sincerelykinsey.com

DIY Beaded Sandals

Full tutorial: brit.co

DIY Ankle Fringe Sandals

Full tutorial: brit.co

DIY Gladiator Sandals

Photo via: redreidinghood.com

These were the 15 Sandal Makeovers that we have chosen for you today and we hope that we have  included the one that you were looking for to do. Get the materials needed and by following the simple tutorials, give a new look to your old or plain sandals and enjoy walking in them all summer long. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to stay up to date with the content of Top Dreamer for other interesting and useful DIY project ideas.