15 Modern And Inspiring Rooftops Gardens Overlooking The Skyline


Turn your home into a perfect refuge without having to walk miles to get to a relaxing place. Rooftop gardens turn out to be very popular nowadays and you’ll feel blessed to have them. If you’re trapped in a crowded city where all you can see are buildings and streets, and your house or flat lacks a backyard where you can nourish your love for gardening, a rooftop is a perfect idea. Check out 15 Modern And Inspiring Rooftops Gardens Overlooking The Skyline.

The unoccupied space above your building or house can be made into a beautiful garden with amazing view into the skyline. These are smart designs that create areas perfect for relaxation and entertaining in the modern and urban environment. Make the most of your living space and enjoy your environment all year round. The rooftop gardens you can spot below can give a whole new dimension to your living space and they will upgrade your lifestyle. Scroll down, find the desirable design for you own rooftop terrace and embark on this dazzling adventure!

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